1. C

    Does Anyone Know Someone That Can Help Me Finish My Coop?

    Hello Everyone! I am new here and this site was recommended to me to help find someone honest, kind and experienced with building chicken coops. I had one started but it has been a nightmare. The person that I hired didn't make the coop the way that was agreed upon. Let him know what I wanted...
  2. Bocktobery 10

    Blind chicken, stones for gizzard, dilemma...

    Need some advice with this situation as I’m not sure what to do. I have a blind (mostly blind, I found out he can see some light and objects) serama rooster who is two years old. He does not eat on his own. The way I feed him is that I take regular chicken feed, add warm water to it, let it...
  3. TanisGirl

    Sand for the crop?

    just bought (3) 1 wk old wyandottes yesterday. I have a bag of plain old sand left over from a nursery. Can I feed this to my chicks to aid digestion or does it have to be special “chick grit?”
  4. Chickadooo

    I'm new here and new to raising chicks too

    I've got 6 chicks that are approximately 2.5 weeks old and I've got 4 chicks that are approximately 1 week old. I've attached a picture of their setup at the moment. I try to keep one side of it around 80 for the older ones and under the lamp gets up to 100. I started mixing in chick grit to...
  5. ChickenFairy

    Grit questions

    Hello, I’m wondering what kind of grit is best for 10 week old chickens? I’ve been giving them sand, I have oyster shells I’m just not sure when to feed that. Do I need to give different grit when they are older? They will be laying hens and I have a few roosters.
  6. tracy.lewis

    Gosling Help Needed

    I have a new pair of French Toulouse Goslings, about 1.5 weeks old. My male, Henry, has a large, hard lump on his right side close to his upper chest/lower neck. It feels like a cyst, but I’m not sure. He’s eating and drinking water. He’s not as active as his partner, Eloise. I’m going to the...
  7. Mamasea

    My First Egg?

    Hello! First time chicken girl here so I’m not sure what is normal and what may need adjusted in my girls diet, if anything at all. I have a mix of 15 girls that I’ve raised from chicks. They were born the end of February. I’ve been feeding them Kalmbach Organic Layer Pellets for a couple...
  8. jsullivan704

    goose/duck feeding schedule

    * I tried to post in feeding and watering but had no luck * I have two geese and two ducks. I read somewhat that people have them on a schedule for feeding. Is that necessary? If so what kind of schedule should they be on? The bigger ones are around 9 weeks, the younger are around 3 weeks...
  9. jsullivan704

    Food Schedule?

    I have two geese and two ducks. I read somewhat that people have them on a schedule for feeding. Is that necessary? If so what kind of schedule should they be on? The bigger ones are around 9 weeks, the younger are around 3 weeks. Should just the big ones be on a schedule right now? Suggestions...
  10. Dragonfly830

    I'm afraid my 6-week-old chicks are eating too much dirt and grass!

    I have 3 six-week-old silkie chicks who have lived indoors all their lives, with the exception of spending a few minutes some days roaming around on the grass. A few days ago, I introduced them to their coop in the backyard. I'm afraid that with them spending all their time on the ground...
  11. MathildaMcThunderthighs

    Good First Chick Treat

    I have a batch of 8 baby chicks of all different breeds that are turning a week old today and I wanted to give them their first food other than chick feed. I started mixing grit into their feed yesterday so they can eat other things. I was thinking cut up strawberry, would that work?
  12. L

    Diet for Chicken Recovering from 1) Raccoon attack and 2) Issues related to Over-ingesting Grit

    Hi All - My flock was subjected to a raccoon attack over a month ago and we have been rehabilitating the 2 survivors. One hen - Rogue, a Rhode Island Red of ~3-4 years old - apparently began ingesting large amounts of grit which we found upon X-ray at the vet (symptoms were consistent with an...
  13. Littlefoot1106

    Oyster shell?

    Any recommendations on brand of oyster shell? I'm assuming there are different qualities between brands but i don't know much about it. Also is grit necessary for free range birds? I've got them on scratch and peck layer feed, the shop i got it from says that it is a high quality feed, hopefully...
  14. Missusg

    To Grit or Not to Grit

    So, if I am giving my chicks chick starter do I necessarily need grit? I'm gathering that when you start introducing other foods like treats that you should also introduce grit...yes?
  15. R

    Emergency Grit

    I got my first chicks ever six days ago. I fed them some mealworms yesterday and today without realizing that they needed grit! I can go to the feed store first thing tomorrow to get some, but I'm really worried about them between now and then. Should they be fine between now and then? One of...
  16. Kaki Campbell owners

    Kaki Campbell owners looking for some answers

    My husband and I bought 6 ducklings 5 days ago. They are now 7 days old. We keep them in our basement in a wooden box 3'*5' brooder with heat lamp next to the wood stove. A few days ago I noticed one of the ducklings we're "sneezing" in the water then it started sneezing out of the water now...
  17. P

    Cha Cha UPDATE: Calling All Crop Experts!

    Hi Everyone, I’m in need of some crop advice. Any help is much appreciated! I have another recent thread with more detail/history. Responses dwindled & this is a different focus, hence the new thread. If you are curious and have time...
  18. N

    Approximately how much chick grit to use

    Im getting 100 Cornish cross in a couple of weeks. How much chick grit would I need to make available to them? What's the best way of giving them the grit? And roughly how much would they consume each week (pounds?)? Can I give grower grit once they reach a certain size/age?
  19. Ducklover2

    Chicks & Grit

    Do chicks need grit when eating crumbles(chick starter).
  20. Keeperoflock

    Chicken Grit Change

    At what point and time do I switch from chick grit to the regular size grit?
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