To Grit or not to Grit


Dec 14, 2018
Northwest Ohio
I have 10 month old orpingtons. They have a big run and free range about 2 hours every other day on my 3 acres. More on the weekends. I have tried buying them actual chicken grit before, but they never eat it. They eat kitchen scraps and whatever they find foraging besides their normal food. I see them eat tiny pieces of gravel from around their coop area.
Should I keep buying them grit? It is expensive, they throw it around and don't eat it. I know they need grit - but is it possible they're getting enough by foraging?



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Mar 11, 2017
South Park, Colorado, USA
You probably don't need it. My chickens rarely eat the grit I give them either, so I less and less frequently even give them grit. I think I've been working on the same small 5lb bag for close to a year now with 5 chickens and 6 ducks.


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Nov 27, 2012
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My Coop
I bought about a gallon of granite grit from local mill for like 5 bucks,
sifted it thru a colander with 1/8" holes to separate smaller pieces for chicks.
Sprinkle a bit on a hunk of sod for the chicks in brooder.
I toss some out into run once in awhile as my birds are confined and there are not sharp sided 'rocks' in there.
Put some in a feeder once and a few gorged on it...found that out when slaughtering an old hen whose gizzard was packed full of it.
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