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  1. C

    What are we doing wrong with our chicks?

    Hey everyone! Am new to this forum and made an account in the hopes that someone might be able to help with these issues we've been having with our Japanese quail babies. We're still pretty new to quailing in general and hatched the first chick on Nov 10. The first 2 chicks we got died...
  2. R3M1X

    I fear a couple things are going on.

    So this morning, I received my batch of day-old chicks through the mail (I wish it were possible to physically get them from the hatchery because I dislike putting the babies through that stress). They all seemed good and chipper with no signs of immediate issue. I gave them food and water as...
  3. Ember2700

    My chick keeps sneezing?

    Hello! I am new to all this. I was gifted my very first 2 chicks on May 17th. I was told they were 6 weeks old and were both road-island red hens. We were unprepared to say the least, we had nothing for them at all. So off we went to the store to try to get them set up. They are now in a rabbit...
  4. Ilovechickies143324

    I think one of my baby chicks is hurt

    I saw a very tiny amount of blood and she is limping, and the wood chips I kept her on made her unable to walk and kept acting like she was rolling. I very gently picked her up and examined their feet but i'm not a veterinarian and I didnt know where the blood was coming from and I plan to take...
  5. A

    my baby quail chicks keep dying

    beginning to think im not cut out for this. I have a pair of normal king quails, and pair of tuxedo king quails, and then a pair of Japanese quails in my aviary (along with my zebra finch and diamond doves). They all get a long surprisingly, in cold nights they all sit together to keep warm, the...
  6. M

    Day old chick with prolapse!?!

    My broody just hatched out eggs but stopped sitting before they all finished hatching. One of the chicks that we had to bring to finishing hatching had not fully absorbed the yolk and has a odd prolapse to the right of its vent (not attached to the vent or yolk). It's gotten bigger since morning...
  7. K

    Is this mareks?

    so confused I read blue eyes is mareks but then some say normal
  8. Broody Bist

    Recurring Pasty butt?? Please help

    I'm really worried about one of my new D'uccle chicks. We've raised plenty of chicks, and I've had my fair share of pasty butt. We always treat it the same way, and it usually works just fine. But Marguerite (my porcelain baby) has been having pasty butt over and over and over. We clean her off...
  9. K

    Help one sick chick. And now noticed all the other healthy acting have blue/grey eyes

    what do I do? I have 15 chicks all acting healthy but now have blue/grey eyes. They did not hatch this way. Mareks Disease is what I’m reading. But do I have to euthanize all these checks even though they’re acting healthy? Someone please give me advice
  10. Shananagan25

    Chick may have broken neck? Slobbering and shuffling backwards.

    So I have 12 chicks, about 4 weeks old. The bigger ones enjoy jumping into the edges of their box and roosting since they are inside and not outside. I have a feeling that one may have cluelessly jumped down on this smaller chick. She has been acting strange lately. She still eats and was...
  11. R

    Emergency Grit

    I got my first chicks ever six days ago. I fed them some mealworms yesterday and today without realizing that they needed grit! I can go to the feed store first thing tomorrow to get some, but I'm really worried about them between now and then. Should they be fine between now and then? One of...
  12. Chickababie01

    My Chicks Beaks Have A white spot on it, what could it be ?

    I don’t know what breed my chicks are I’m thinking they’re rhode island red chicks , but I am not sure and I noticed this on their beaks , what can it be ? A disease ? Or is it just part of them ?
  13. Walkbarefoot

    4 1/2 week old Crested showing aggression towards 4 1/2 week frizzle. Both adore me!!!

    Hello, I am in hopes that someone can give me some advice on how to deal with my situation... I am a first time chicken owner, I have (8) 4 1/2 week chicks (crested, silkies and frizzles) and (2) 3 1/2 week chicks (Ameraucana and Easter Egger). These chicks are still in my basement, I am...
  14. TheYLWFlock

    Lethargic, (Dehydrated...?) d’Uccle! Please Help!

    My pride and joy, my beautiful Dutchy (a Mille Fleur Belgian D’uccle) has suddenly become very lethargic. She kind of just sits there, mostly sleeping, not caring if the other chicks bump her... I don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but I have some ideas... 1. We just replaced their old little...
  15. tifaus

    Need help! Possible broken leg

    Hey y'all! A couple of weeks ago i ordered some light brahma chicks. About a week ago i noticed one of them limping. The chick wouldn't let me do anything to it and I've read to just leave it alone and it'll heal on its own. Well this morning I've noticed it's swollen and i removed the chick...
  16. M

    Week old chick swollen foot/leg - doesn't look like bumblefoot not sure how to treat

    Hi! New chick mom here, hoping for some suggestions and guidance! As a preface, I did my best to research these topics before posting, in an effort not to waste anyone's time or duplicate something already addressed, but I apologize if I fail at that! Here's my problem: I have a week old buff...
  17. Bettyann Almira Grace

    Please help

    She had her cord wrapped still in tack and we got that off but it stills seems to be wrapped around her leg. She was doing great but now once again can not use her leg. Please help
  18. Bettyann Almira Grace

    Please help what is dried up around the leg

    So it look like the Umbilical cord was still attached and then go to detached inch she was doing good but now she’s limping and I’m thinking that that umbilical cord around her leg is hurting her. Any idea’s?? Any help would be get, she was doing good for a while just not growing as fast as the...
  19. Erik Fobo

    One of my chickens walk with a limp and I dont know how to fix it or if I should put her down

    So I recently got 4 chickens from a friends mom and one of the chickens walk with a limp. It only leans on it for a short time when ever it walks. I do not know if anything has happened to it but it looked alot weaker than the other 3 when it hatched. It doesnt move around as much as the other...
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