I fear a couple things are going on.


May 14, 2019
Norlina, NC
So this morning, I received my batch of day-old chicks through the mail (I wish it were possible to physically get them from the hatchery because I dislike putting the babies through that stress). They all seemed good and chipper with no signs of immediate issue. I gave them food and water as soon as I got back home and put them under a heat lamp. After a little bit 1 or 2 seemed a little lethargic but nothing to worry about just yet since I figure it was just them adjusting. They seemed to be doing better now, but I am always keeping an eye on all of their actions.
Starting late afternoon, one of my other chicks that seemed to be one of the healthier ones started breathing heavily. Like breath movements that take up the whole body almost. She seems to have some sort of respiratory problem such as fluid where their isnt supposed to be fluid.
She appears to be eating and drinking still.

Now recently within the last hour or so, I noticed a possible lump on the right neck/"shoulder" area on another chick who seems more lethargic than the rest but does seem to eat and drink still. The lump of that is what it is concerns me because when I was hatching chicks earlier this year those that had developed similar issues ended up dying. At the same time this one looks slightly different than the others.

I know there is not much that can be done, but if there is anything that could help please let me know.
Thank you!


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
The lumps on the right shoulders may just be a a full crop after they have eaten. If you have any Poultry NutriDrench, I would give them a drop orally for the next 2 days, just to give them a boost. You can use SaveAChick electrolytes in the water instead. I would use a thermometer, and make sure they are about 90 degrees for the first week with a cooler spot to escape to if they are too warm. Watch and check for pasty butt once a day, and clean off with soap and water if needed. Hopefully they will all do okay.

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