integrate chicks

  1. becks123

    I need your input!!! (Integrating)

    Hi, I'm pretty new at this and have found I am 100% a crazy chicken lady! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I currently have a 7 month old flock: 3 buff orps, 2 dark brahmas and one little frizzle roo (Napoleon 🤣) I will be integrating 2 ostrolorps, 1 ameraucana, 1 Plymouth and 2 silkies...
  2. Phantom_k9

    Flock Integration?

    Hello! Currently, we have about four generations (technically 6) of birds in our coop; the forth being the ones we are trying to introduce. Over time, we have bought new birds, and been given new birds; but I don't feel that any have properly "integrated". I could be wrong, but I'm not sure...
  3. cluelesschickmother

    Chaos in the hen house! Need to create peace!

    I will preface by saying that I am a first time chicken owner (but long time animal rescuer) from the city and desperately need help!! I ordered 5 buff silkie chickens at the end of June from an online supplier and they all amazingly arrived healthy and adorable. They immediately took to each...
  4. CommunistEgg

    Chickens sleeping on floor

    About two weeks ago we fully integrated five legbars into our small flock and they mostly have been sleeping on the floor of the coop. The last few days a few have found their way up but now one of our red sex links has made her way DOWN! there's some tweaks to be made to our coop but I'm...
  5. BrahmaMom1797

    Reintegration of 16 week old chicks to flock questions

    Hello all! I have a couple questions that I think I can answer myself but need a little confirmation on. I recently evacuated due to the wildfires raging in California and not only had to separate some of my flock, but also mix a bunch of them together. The night I left home with my family, we...
  6. spiritpots

    Can pullets stay in run with existing flock?

    I have three 12-week old pullets that I am slowly introducing to my existing flock of 5 chickens (2 are 2-1/2 years old and 3 are 1-1/2 years old). I currently have the pullets in a temporary run next to the main coop/run for the next month until I take the final steps to fully integrate them...
  7. T

    Introducing chicken chicks to a guinea fowl flock

    This is my first post, so thanks for having me here and please be gentle! I have a flock of about 20 guinea fowl, and for the first time purchased 5 chicken chicks (3 Barred Rock, 1 Easter Egger, and Whitings True Green or Blue - not sure yet - all of these chicks may or more likely may not be...
  8. birdlover2

    Having trouble introducing new bantam chicks to the rest of the flock

    We got some new Bantam grow-out chicks (for a multitude of reasons I suppose), but having trouble with the flock accepting them. There's only three of them, 2 hens and one rooster. Thinking it was a mistake to get the roo, as it's making this process harder, but they wouldn't sell me the one hen...
  9. QuailFeather

    When can I integrate my quail?

    I have 2 pharaoh males and 1 female quail, 2 golden Manchurian males and 1 female quail that are going to be six weeks old. I need to integrate them with my other adult quail. when should I do that?
  10. Eggs2chicks

    Help. 3, 5 day old chicks and 2 abandoned eggs starting to pip.

    Ok so hen gave up after first 3 hatched and we had to bring them in as it’s cold outside. Now 1 has started to pip and the other should be right behind that. How do I integrate them with the mother and other two chicks when they finish zipping out??
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