1. ChickenLady1920

    Indiana Birds

    Hello! I work for a 1920's history farm located in West Lafayette Indiana. We have a flock of 66 chickens, along with 4 turkeys, and 14 ducks. Part of our mission is to educate the public about animal husbandry. We pride ourselves in having heritage breed birds to share with guests. I am looking...
  2. B

    Giveaway I used these faux eggs to Jumpstart my chickens laying eggs, at first I was skeptical then within 2 days I started getting real eggs. Now I'm yielding 7-10 eggs per day with just 10 chickens. I'd say...
  3. chickenchicklady

    We made it!

    Well, Folks! We did it! We raised all 30 birds with no losses except for one! I’d say that’s pretty good! And we got our first two eggs today! Are eggs usually pretty small when they first start laying? Or are these from my silkies? (The white egg is for comparison of a normal egg)
  4. SherylCombs


    My 16 week old rooster is mounting the 16 week hens, is this normal when they don't start laying for another two or three months
  5. MROO

    INSTANT Starter Flock - Egg Production - Maryland

    BARGAIN PRICED! Six Asian Black pullets - three months old seek employment in the Egg Production Business. These beautiful young ladies were originally purchased as tiny chicks as a 4H Egg-to-Eggs production project. Covid sidelined the Fair season, so we find ourselves with at least six...
  6. RidleysRoostingLadies2020

    Beginning a Backyard Layers Coop

    Hey! My name is Breanna, I'm 27 years old. I grew up and still live in a small country town in Northwest Georgia. Between four kids and school, I decided that I also needed a hobby. This hobby just so happened to involve my husband dumping his time and money into building a brooder for a small...
  7. jkcproject

    Happy Saturday to ya'll!

    Good morning, wherever you are! HMM, not seeing a template, but that's ok. This ain't my first rodeo. I'm a mom of 8, 3 adopted, with 2 still home. My love and I have 16 grandkids and 1.5 great-grands. We used to have a barnyard menagerie in Washington state, and loved every minute of it. We're...
  8. Laurel09

    Introducing a rooster to commercial laying hens

    Hello everyone. I have two roosters in my backyard flock and I also have 10 Rhodes island commercial layer hens. My question is, if I introduced the two roosters into my commercial layers coup, will they lay fertile eggs that I can incubate and hatch successfully.
  9. chikenscratch

    Layers for sale (SE WI/NE IL area)

    I am downsizing my flock and selling the following: One year old - $20 each: 2 black australorp 3 rhode island red Two year old - $15 each: 2 welsummers All are pure lines, healthy, and regular layers. Prices as listed, will consider offers.
  10. Katonk

    If you could ask a poultry science professor

    What's questions would you pose to a poultry science professor? I've had a bunch of questions about deep litter and the feisability of a tractor hybrid, so I decided to reach out to the experts. I joined up here and got the benefit of years apon years of experience through members generous...
  11. CanadaEh

    Leghorn vs. DPs questions

    Barred Rock (dual purpose) keeper here. Checking my breed selection and thinking of adding a second breed. Having some questions regarding Leghorns: 1) by how much can you save on feed by raising and keeping leghorns for eggs instead of Dual Purpose? 2) are they less hardy / more miserable in...
  12. CanadaEh

    feeding Meatbuilder to layers

    Bought 3 bags of Purina Meatbuilder yesterday to feed to our 7 layers and 2 roos in the winter. The reasons not buying layer feed: 1) did not want to feed excess calcium to roosters 2) we liberally use treats (grains,fruits,veggies) so I figured extra protein would be a plus to offset the...
  13. T

    Which breeds lay the hardest shells?

    I think that minorca black breed lays by far the hardest shells...
  14. T

    Vote for the best HYBRID layer!!!

    Please, vote for the most balanced, profitable and sustainable HYBRID layer for a homestead.
  15. Lavender Wraps

    My wonderful flock

    I have both layers and Bantams. Most are coming out of molt now. My American Anaconda has the worst molt. She was all pin feathers, looked terrible. They feather out quite quickly. I may bring them back into laying by using a light that has to be in the sun during the day and put inside at...
  16. HappyFeetHens

    2 year old hens rarely lay

    I have 4 RIR hens who are all about 2 years old (I also have one leghorn who is about nine months, but she lays consistently). I only get 2 eggs a day (usually) from the RIRs and I’m not sure why. I have tried a few things. I’ve been supplementing with higher protein chick feed, but it hasn’t...
  17. C


    Ive got 20 laying Bovins and one roo. they were laying great but now two of my hens went fertile and all stopped laying. I live way out in the sticks and would hate to have the hens unguarded by the roo. is there anything I can do to get them to lay again/is it a seasonal kinda thing? or do I...
  18. C

    Oats, Peas and Barely as feed

    I usually feed my birds (I have geese, turkeys, meat birds and layers in the same coop, soon to be separated but for now together) a 4 way mix of Oat, peas, barely and wheat. I also add in layer crumble and some oyster shell for my layers. The local feed supply however is out of wheat and my...
  19. Mammahen5

    Egg layers or broilers? Please help!

    Hello – my family and I recently started raising chicks for eggs and bought 6 straight run chicks from our local feed store. There was no sign indicating breeds or sex. They are now 6 weeks old and are growing quickly and our family has grown attached to them in the meantime trying to figure out...
  20. Prairiehens

    WANTED: So Colorado, pullets and chicks

    I need to replenish my flock. Looking for Wyandotte, Easter Eggers, ISA Browns, Buckeye, and Buff Orpington. Also looking for Buff Orpington rooster/chick. Preferably within 50 miles of Pueblo.
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