1. LondonKallie

    Crossbred Ducklings Hachalong #1

    So I'm new to BYC and I have a post already going about my Twin duck egg over here : https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/twin-ducklings-in-1-egg-what-should-i-expect.1419696/ which is included in this clutch of hatch-a-long ducks :) I will be updating this top original post with the...
  2. C

    4 months old mixed breed-Are they all roosters?

    All just turned 4 months old and I'm guessing based on their tails that they are all roosters. Can anyone confirm? Different angle of the fella shown above: Thanks!
  3. ourfeathers

    What kind of chicks will I get from these crosses...

    Hi everyone! Sorry if I am not posting in the right thread, I tried to find one more suited to my question but this was as close as I could find. Anyway, I have a cuckoo lemon orpington & leghorn mix rooster. I have a rhode island red, Plymouth barred rock, easter egger, Golden Laced Wyandotte...
  4. missnu01

    Im back! But with waterfowl this time and i have a question...

    So I am totally new to geese, but not new to poultry... have had ducks, chickens, and turkeys in the past. Came back in strong with 24 ducks, 6 bantam chickens, and 10 Embden x Toulouse goslings... now these 10 goslings are mixed and I have no idea what they might turn into , and I was hoping...
  5. Calvino00

    Breeding with Mixed Flock

    Hello this is my first post to the forum, but I've found many answers to my questions here over the last 3 yrs that I've been keeping chickens. Thank you all for stewarding such a useful forum. I raise chickens for eggs only right now, mostly for my own consumption and give a dozen away to...
  6. KyleelyK

    Most varied chicken cross

    I want to know if anyone has continuously crossed equal part chicken breeds. Like for example, a white Leghorn x Rhode island red cross with an buff orpington x barred rock, creating a 4 way cross. Then breeding that with another 4 way cross of different breeds. If anyone has pics that would be...
  7. J

    6 Roosters, well-behaved Brahma mixes in Livonia, Michigan

    Hello! We recently raised 11 chicks and unfortunately ended up with 7 boys, so we have 6 cockerels around 4 months old that we are looking to rehome. They were all raised together and handled daily, so they are very friendly to people and each other, and I suspect could be kept together in a...
  8. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Privet hatchery mixed chicks

    So these are from a feaathered leg collection. Im thinking they are different duccles and brahmas but wondering if anyone thinks any are cochins, besides the obvious frizzle in the group. I think they are mostly porcelain duccles because, they have puffy cheeks, do cochin chicks have puffy...
  9. AnotherMeOhMy

    Could August be a Maran?

    Hi all :) It was suggested that I post in here when August is 2 months old. But I was curious to see what others ideas of the result could be. Today August is 32 days old. The yellow hatch-mates are already fully feathered. August seems to be about a week or so behind them in development, but...
  10. Stacyoung13

    Polish Hen and What ?

    I have these 2 Polish Hens, I got them on the same day from the same feed store. Now Lilly on the left is ,from my searches ,a regular hen. Then there's Lucy, on the right. Is she frizzled or maybe mixed with Silkie, or a different Polish Hen that I overlooked ? Lilly...
  11. Mayducks12345

    Mixed ducks?? HELP!

    Okay I have a female blue Swedish runner duck, and a male white crested/ fawn runner. I'm expecting them to breed soon but I can't seem to find any clear pictures of what their ducklings might look like! If anyone has any pictures of this mix please share!!
  12. Miriah132

    Purebred Cochins?

    I contacted some one local about their “Cochins” and they sent me these pictures. I’m in no way an expert but I do know Cochins aren’t crested. And I’ve never heard of any chicken getting a crest at 5 months old due to a “growing phase”. So I’m asking the experts. These are 100% not pure Cochins...
  13. shiro5

    Lone Silkie in Flock After Friend Died

    Morning All, Just looking for some help with my flock. One of my flocks were a flock of three a 6 month old silkie (Hilda), 18 month old silkie (zelda) and a 2 year old ex battery hen (believed to be bovan brown called Lucy) The 6 month old silkie (Hilda) adored the 18 month old silkie...
  14. tinkerjessica

    HELP do I have pullets or cockerels?!

    Please help me identify what sex they are, it's a mixed flock and all are over the age of 9 weeks, some are 12 weeks and none are crowing, do any look like a roo? And guesses on their breeds would be appreciated too!!!!!
  15. PortugalBantam

    What breed is my chicken.

    I hatched some fertalized eggs I bought online. The post said some were mixed and some were pure. She has dark featherless legs.
  16. F

    Silkie vs. ISA brown

    Hi! I'm new to the chicken owning hobby and recently bought seven 1 week old chicks from my local TSC. These chicks happen to be Isa browns, and I'm getting silkies from a breeder in about a week and a half. By the time I get the silkies, they will be a few days old while the isa browns will be...
  17. pherbe

    Mixing feeds with different animals!

    Hey guys.. Thinking out loud and hoping for some ideas and confirmation/critique.. I'm super overwhelmed. Let me start there. We have a small farm.. 11 hens, 3 turkeys, 5 goats. I really HATE the idea of buying premixed feeds for 3 different species when SO MUCH overlaps and the chicken feed...
  18. josolu12

    Guessing game! Breed and sex

    So my Welssumer went broody and I gathered a small bunch of our eggs and one hatched i wasn't present for all the hatchings, so not sure who is who. All chicks belong to Silver Laced Wyandotte Roo. In the bunch I included 2 EE, 2 Welssumer, 1 white Sultan, 1(blondie) I have no clue! Someone must...
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