6 Roosters, well-behaved Brahma mixes in Livonia, Michigan


Sep 23, 2019
Livonia, MI
Hello! We recently raised 11 chicks and unfortunately ended up with 7 boys, so we have 6 cockerels around 4 months old that we are looking to rehome. They were all raised together and handled daily, so they are very friendly to people and each other, and I suspect could be kept together in a rooster bachelor pad, or with an adequate number of hens, of course.

Their father was full Brahma (light-colored), so they are all very mild-mannered and cold-hardy. Here are the names of each rooster along with the breed of their mother:

- Bedrock: Bantam Cochin or Australorp, uncertain, not Bantam-sized. Most handle-able of the group. Very calm and friendly to people, doesn't run away when you go to pick him up.
20190921_144328_copy.jpg 20190921_144332_copy.jpg 20190909_172710_copy.jpg IMG_2420.JPG

- Speedracer: Barred Rock. Calm and quiet. Very friendly and curious around people. Independent.
IMG_2419.JPG 20190909_172559_copy.jpg 20190909_172556_copy.jpg 20190909_172555_copy.jpg

- Tom and Jerry: Leghorns. More active than the others and have been the first to start crowing. Beautiful pure white feathers and huge red combs. Hard to tell apart but one has more hair on his feet.
20190909_172602_copy.jpg IMG_2422.JPG IMG_2423.JPG IMG_2434.JPG

- Berry and Peach: Buff Orpington, but in terms of appearance they look much closer to Brahmas to me. Standard personalities, inquisitive and friendly. Berry is more rooster-like in behavior, whereas we actually thought Peach was a hen until fairly recently. He has a short little raspy crow that we almost never hear. Yellow and pink feet, respectively
20190909_172700_copy.jpg IMG_2436.JPG IMG_2427.JPG 20190909_172655_copy.jpg

We are located on the north side of Livonia and can meet pretty much any time, any place. Thank you!

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