1. KsKingBee

    Fall Peafowl Sales List

    Fall Sales List, shipped from Spring Creek Peafowl in Marion Ks. 2016 India Blue cock out of Opal Silver Pied $175. 2015 IB Black Shoulder Silver Pied cock $475. 2014 Opal SP split Purple BS, makes Taupe $400 2018 IBBS split Charcoal hen $300 2016 Opal hen $275 2016 mid/high Spaulding cock $300...
  2. ecb4156

    Peafowl pair in South Carolina?

    I am looking for a peafowl pair, I’d like for them to be friendly. I don’t care about colors or anything like that. I just want to expand my farm :) I’m located very close to Charlotte, NC area. Thank you!
  3. Expladv

    New to Peachicks

    Hello, I'm new to forum and new to peachicks. I've read lots of helpful posts on this site and am looking for advice on my new flock (9 days old). I have them raised with 11 guinea keets and 4 chicks although I separated the chicks yesterday into a separate brooder. For background, I started...
  4. A

    Peafowl Variety?

    Hi, I'm new to peafowl! I just got these 3 babies over the weekend. They are 2 weeks old. I was told that they could be either of two types. Bronze Black Shouldered or Indian Blue Black Shoulder split Bronze. I was just wondering if anyone had any peachicks in those colors that could tell what...
  5. SpookZoneSpooker

    Peachick with lice

    I've been raising peafowl for 2 years now, my first batch of peas just recently had their own clutches! I've hand raised my hens, so they allow me to check on their nests without too much fussing. I was checking the first (and we suspect the only) peachick from a clutch of 9 and I discovered the...
  6. chickenmom22

    4 month old Peacock gender?

    I posted last year when my peachick, Rashki, was younger, and I got mixed responses if I remember correctly one or two people said it was a Indian blue male and the other people said it looked like a Spaulding peahen. Just wondering what the verdict is now that he/she is a bit older! Because I...
  7. MamaPeahen

    Peachick leg injury

    I have a 5 month old peachick, and he recently began limping. One day, I noticed it had gotten worse and there was a clicking sound every time he took a step with his right leg. When I looked at it, and how it moved, I saw it was popping in and out and shifting at the knee joint. I have tried...
  8. TobyRB22

    The jury is still out...boy or girl?

    So about a month ago I had no clue what I was doing trying to raise a peachick. I wanted to know if I had a boy or a girl, I know it’s very difficult to sex a peachick so young, it seemed that consensus was it was a male. I’m still not sure, the more I look the less convinced I am of what gender...
  9. MamaPeahen

    Why is my peachick sneezing so much?

    My 4 and a half month old peachick has been sneezing excessively for the past five or six days, and I don't know why? His cage is cleaned frequently and when he isn't sleeping in there for the night he roams the backyard(or is ruling the inside of the house, haha). Please help!! Thanks!
  10. ChrisG1

    Help! Wild Peachick + Night Terrors!

    Howdy everyone, So in late June, I came into possession of a wild born peachick. This was due to the mother and siblings being devoured by a coyote. How she survived...I do not know. Matching up to pictures, I'd say she was maybe 3-7 days old when got her. Loved her, cared for her. Ran to her...
  11. Esimpson

    How much feed?

    how much feed should I give my peachicks? They’re no bigger than a football. I don’t want to over feed them
  12. SuzyQ_CO


    Is it a good sign that my 2 week old peacock is constantly chirping? It especially loves to stand in front of mirror, ruffle feathers and chirp.
  13. SuzyQ_CO

    Hello from a newbie

    Hello, im brand new to chickens and any other kind of fowl I've been around them but never owned any. I now have a peachick. It is 2 weeks+ old -- hatched around June 9th. His mama rejected him (or her) -- ling story-- I offered to rescue from a friend siblings all died in hail storm. So I...
  14. MamaPeahen

    URGENT! Peachick leg caught in door

    My brother had accidentally closed our heavy wood door on my peachick's leg, and I found her bleeding. She doesn't seem to want to put any pressure on it, and I'm unsure if the leg is broken, her toes may also be broken. She was bleeding from her knee, and is sleeping in my lap right now. I'm...
  15. Pratik1234

    Farm innovators incubator 4250 for peafowl eggs?

    Hello. I’ve been using Farm innovators incubator for chickens and I’ve had a very good hatch rate for last 2 times. I was wondering if it will good to hatch peafowl eggs? Has anybody tired hatching peafowl eggs in this incubator? And how was the experience?
  16. Pratik1234

    Farm Innovators incubator 4250 for Peafowl hatching ?

    Hello. I’ve been using Farm innovators incubator for chickens and I’ve had a very good hatch rate for last 2 times. I was wondering if it will good to hatch peafowl and duck eggs? Has anybody tired hatching peafowl eggs in this incubator? And how was the experience ?
  17. D

    Looking For Peafowl in Kalamazoo MI

    Hello everyone I am looking for a pair of peafowl (1 peacock and and 1 peahen) is anyone near kalamazoo MI selling any? Thanks,
  18. SugarGroveFarm

    Peafowl Gender Ratios?

    Hey everyone!! I'm interested in eventually having peafowl and I'm just curious as to what are good gender ratios and if you can have males around each other or if they have to be separated at all times. The idea is to have my entire property fenced in and have all my birds (chickens, turkeys...
  19. A


    My family and I have given it a lot of thought and we would like to have a few peafowls running around the homestead. I have been doing lots of research on them and we use to own one about 10 years ago but haven't since it passed away. I have been trying to find a place to order just a few eggs...
  20. N

    Peachick has something lodge in her throat/crop!!

    it appears to have something lodged in her throat but she is still eating and drinking fine. Any ideas?
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