1. CaramelKittey

    What did this? Broken eggs found around stone driveway.

    Hi! I have been baffled these past few days as there have been 3 eggs found on my stone driveway in the last week. Any ideas? Ready for story time? Good. Once upon a time (5-6 days ago).... we were driving home from school and there was a duck egg on my driveway with a hole in it. The...
  2. Living With Predators

    Living With Predators

    I'm fortunate to live on an island without a lot of predators: big (bear, fox, coyote, bobcat) or small (skunk, opossum, snakes). We do have transient cougars, but the deer population is quite healthy so there've been no run-ins with farmers or pet owners. We're not without predators: there are...
  3. hensnguineas2

    Need a dog good with chickens

    I live in the very rural Ozarks with many predators. At this time I have my second flock after Coons picked off my ladies one by one no matter how I strengthened their coop. They even ripped the screen in my back porch and killed one I was nursing back to health from predator attack. Now I have...
  4. 5

    Which animal is this from???

    Good Morning Y'all, I just went out this morning to let the hens out. and just outside the coop i saw this poop. im wondering which animal its from as there have been predators lurking around. Thanks for your help
  5. K

    Chicks Disappear Without a Trace

    Hello everybody,(I'm new) I have(had) 13 Black Australorp chicks, 1 rooster and 12 hens, all around 11 weeks old. I went out this morning to feed them and I only counted 11...2 were missing! I looked around their coop to see if there were any tracks or drag marks or feathers...NOTHING. I...
  6. Dee Dee N Desiree

    Lost our beloved Silkie to a Hawk

    It's been a hard weekend for us. This is our first lost to a predator. Like most have said, I thought I did enough to keep predators out. Yesterday, I had heard the girls squawking. I can't see much of the coop from the window, but I saw enough and knew something was wrong. It looked like our...
  7. T


    It seems like a daily complaint but folks, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, panthers, bears, eagles, hawks, and coons have been eating chickens since they got off the ark. This list is not exhaustive either, I just listed the ones I deal with on a regular basis. Raising hens and broilers in the dark...
  8. givengrove

    Mystery Animal Feces

    It's been a while and I tried some research and I still couldn't figure it out! This morning I found some strange looking mush, it was right next to some fox scat... and then next to THAT WAS canine/feline scat (we have outdoor cats and dogs so I assume that was them). It flabbergasts me that...
  9. blmack

    Chick disappears overnight

    My hen hatched only one chick about 5 days ago. Everything has been fine until this morning. the chick is gone. The mama is hanging around in the hen house looking for it. When I closed them up last night all was well. This same hen also had two of the fertilized eggs that I put under her...
  10. TalullaCat

    Raccoon problems!! advice please

    I had some latches on my coop that were not raccoons safe and one got in and grabbed one of my young hens. i changed the latches and thought that my hens were safe even though the raccoons came back several times , despite having some pretty large rocks thrown at it, but just last night the...
  11. peepsnquacks

    Someone help!! Never had this happen......:(

    Helpppp!!! I have NO idea what happened, but we have a large hoop coop with 6 eight week old Pekin ducks, 4 eight week old chickens, 6 six week old Leghorns, and 5 four week old assorted other chickens. There is PLENTY of room for them all, as we have put in boxes and perches for roosting, etc...
  12. Mmelissa

    Chicken wire under coop?

    Hi guys please forgive me if this is redundant but I've been getting mixed answers online when researching so I figured it would be best to ask myself. We just built our very first coop and instead of putting chicken wire around my husband attached chicken wire to some 2x4's and then set the...
  13. Predator Proofing for New and Existing Coops

    Predator Proofing for New and Existing Coops

    Keeping chickens predators away from chickens can be extremely difficult. However, a secure coop is a good start. Here are some ideas on how to "predator proof" your coop and run. Predator Protection for the Coop Flooring One way predators such as foxes and dogs can gain entrance is by...
  14. Kevin565

    The Truth About Hawks

    Hawks are often given bad reputations as ruthless killers. This could not be farther from the truth. Hawks: Often mate for life Lay Relatively Small Hatches If they can not catch their meal easily they will usually move on. Laws Regarding Hawks: It is illegal...
  15. Skunk - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Skunks

    Skunk - Chicken Predators - How To Protect Your Chickens From Skunks

    General Information and Description Skunks (also known as polecats in the USA) are medium size mammals, probably best known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong, unpleasant odour. There are four species of skunks: the hooded skunk, the striped skunk, the spotted skunk and the...
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