1. P

    My Duck Plans

    Hi all, I don't own any ducks yet, and I'm probably still about a year out from getting my first flock, but I do have a lot of research done (still plenty to go) and plans in the works to be as prepared as possible for when they do come into my life! That's what this post is about: a plan for...
  2. My Pretty Pekins

    How to compromise over pets?

    Hello, I've finally got permission to buy rabbits. My parents, however, have different ideas to what I do. I want to adopt; they want me to become a breeder 'to make some money back'. I want to abide by the RWAF recommendations of 60 square feet for the trio of neutered females I am interested...
  3. Lonogy

    Pregnant rabbit still trying to breed

    So I have 3 bonded rabbits, 1 neutered male and 2 females that aren’t spayed. One of which is pregnant, but she still tries to hump on the other 2. She’s due in a week, and I’m wondering if it’s common for pregnant rabbits to do that? Or if her breeding wasn’t successful and that’s why she’s...
  4. KikiDeAnime

    Rabbit Thread

    Thought I'd start a rabbit thread where we can post about our rabbits, post great info for new rabbit owners, etc. Only 2 rules for this thread: Be nice! & Don't make this thread into a 'Spay/Neuter your rabbits!! You're a terrible owner for not doing so!!!' thread because people have different...
  5. AltonaAcres

    Mini Rex Rabbit Breeding

    Hey there! I am starting out my Mini Rex breeding program, and I am looking for a little guidance. I have been breeding Holland's for quite some time, but I have decided to be done with them after my best one dying, my other best one being too old to show/breed, lots of failed litters, etc.. I...
  6. Feathers1984

    Chicks and Bunnies for sale in Alabama!

    Hi there! We are "Feathers & Fluff" a small hobby farm located in Springville, AL. We raise Bearded Silkies, Standard Polish, Frizzled & Smooth Satins and Crosses of those listed. We also raise English Angora rabbits and crosses. We do have several chicks available now ages range from 1-8 weeks...
  7. LizzzyJo

    Seeking French angora rabbits for sale

    I live in NW Ohio and I have been struggling to find French angoras for around the $50 mark. Does anyone know a breeder or farm around here that may have babies? Thanks!!
  8. LunaMarieWolf

    Anyone else breed/raise rabbits here?

    Hey everyone! I was just looking at who all breed/raises rabbits on here. Whether it is for meat, fur, or just pets. I haven't been doing this for long. I just reallt started going crazy with it the ending of 2018 into 2019. Had a few fallbacks with neighborhood cats and even rats getting...
  9. TJ


    I have two rabbits and their hutch for sale. The rabbits are Netherland Dwarf breed (small), approx. 6 years old, they are sisters and have been together since birth, could be more tame than they are if someone spent more time with them. These are pets only - not breeders & not meat. Names are...
  10. LunaMarieWolf

    New Mama Bunny Had A Litter!!

    One of our first rime rabbit mamas just had her babies this past Saturday. I didn't take any pictures of the babies the first couple of days because I wanted the Mama to have her space and everything. But yesterday I managed to snap a pic of some of them. There are 4 little ones and I am...
  11. D

    Help with Rabbit and baby kits!!

    WE have been bredding rabbit for a short while now but we are having a problem with one momma rabbit. She was pregnant when we got her and she did fine with that litter had 10 and all but 1 survived. The problem is the last litter she had 10 and everytime we turned around we were finding her...
  12. BananaBun

    Is my doe in labor???

    Help! I think my Lionheads doe is in labor but I’m not sure. All of a sudden she started urinating blood!!! I need to know if she’s in labor so I can follow the required steps!!! She has been refusing food since yesterday and the male keeps harassing her!:barnie
  13. ANightPerson

    Rabbit Fur Identification Thread

    Hello! I'm starting this thread for anyone to post pictures and ask questions about rabbit fur colors and patterns, including genetics. I'm not very educated on the subject, so feel free to answer anything that you can. Two Fridays ago (Nov. 30th,) my first and favorite rabbit, Catfood, had a...
  14. Liv's chickens

    Rabbits for sale in Vermont! Lots of breeds!

    Above are our Holland Lop boys Above are our Lion Lop babies Above is our black otter Lionhead buck Our mini Rex babies above Hello everyone, we are a small hobby breeder in Vermont (Shaftsbury/North Bennington area), and we have some Lionhead, Holland/Mini Lop, Lion Lop, And...
  15. Maddyluvschickens

    Bonding Two Dominant Rabbits?

    Hey, I know this isn't chicken-related but I wanted answers to my specific situation. So I am trying to bond my two rabbits, Elliot and Kazumi. Elliot is a neutered male who will be four years old in December, and Kazumi is a spayed Female who is about a year and a half years old. Elliot is a...
  16. Bartels42

    New Member always looking for more knowledge

    I am new to this so bear with me if I dont do this exactly correct...I joined today and I will start with the questions provided :) Are you new to chickens/ when did you first get chickens? * No I am not new to chickens...I have been around chickens ever since I was young ( going to be 43)...
  17. R

    Silver Fox Rabbits, Maybe?

    Hello everyone. I'm in the process of researching rabbit breeds and I think I've decided. Silver Foxes look like they will do well as meat, fur, and show. So my question becomes what do all you more experienced rabbit owners think? Personal experiences, point me to some of your favorite...
  18. PouleNoire

    New To Show Rabbits

    Hey Rabbit people!:bun So I've had rabbits for quite some years like more than 5 years but they were pretty much just pets I have had my Opal Mini Rex buck; Comet for oh around 4 years if I can remember right? So I'm not a complete newbie. He was bred to show but I got him when I was a little...
  19. KDOGG331


    Who has rabbits? Thinking of getting some after seeing (and holding) the adorable bunnies at farm day lol I've had one before and he was awesome but he was also caged cause I didn't really know better. Kind of want a free roam house bunny or at least an x pen one but not sure I have the room or...
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