1. HorsesRMe123

    Buck Rabbit Attacking Doe - Not Interested In Breeding

    So I have two does who I bred a few days ago. I bred one doe (Aurora) 6 days ago now. Ruby (the other doe) I bred 5 days ago. After Aurora had been bred, one day later we wanted to see if he was interested in her still and he didn’t try to breed her once. Then, we put Ruby with him and he bred...
  2. Heartsopenwide

    New coop

    I am having a new coop built. We plan to use the old coop for rabbits. How long do I need to keep the doors closed on the old coop before the girls will figure out their new home? We plan to keep the old coop and rabbit in the same area as the chickens and their new coop...
  3. HorsesRMe123

    Rabbit Colours

    Hello! I have four rabbits currently and all are Mini Lops. I have a question about three of them. So two of my rabbits are sisters and we believe very well that they are REWs what do you think? Now our other rabbit is our rabbit named Oscar who is in this last pic with them. We believe he is...
  4. KrauseFarm

    Rabbits nesting box

    We recently gave our doe a nesting box, she is currently 28 days pregnant and should be kindling soon. Right now she’s seems more interested in chewing at the box and scratching at it instead of building a nest. Should this be a concern? Any tips?
  5. BoyMom

    Starting 4-H with rabbits!

    My oldest son who is 5, will be starting 4-H this year and has chosen to show rabbits! We have the opportunity to get a Rabbit (maybe 2) locally from a breeder. The bucks are GTS New Zealand and the does are Chestnut New Zealand. And they have a litter coming around Valentine's Day. What are the...
  6. themidnightmama

    Rabbits with my chickens?

    We have a small backyard flock of 8 hens and 1 roo. I am thinking of adding a couple of rabbits to the pen. I would build the rabbits their own enclosure in the colony style but they would share the pen with the chickens. Experienced rabbit keepers, what are the most important features of the...
  7. EverythingDucks

    Let Me Rate Your Small Animal Setup!

    I've seen a lot of pet YouTubers do videos where they have people email pics of their small animal setups and get constructive criticism on how to make it better for the pet. So, I thought since there are so many animal lovers on here it would be cool to do this! Please note that I do not own...
  8. Bird_Lover_17

    Help, Rabbit has diarrhea

    Hi, my rabbit has diarrhea. It smells really bad. The breeder he came from said that if he has diarrhea I should feed him oats in with his food. What should I do? Important info: 1) He is an indoor rabbit 2) There are no other rabbits in the house 3) there are no other animals near his cage...
  9. C


  10. P

    My Duck Plans

    Hi all, I don't own any ducks yet, and I'm probably still about a year out from getting my first flock, but I do have a lot of research done (still plenty to go) and plans in the works to be as prepared as possible for when they do come into my life! That's what this post is about: a plan for...
  11. My Pretty Pekins

    How to compromise over pets?

    Hello, I've finally got permission to buy rabbits. My parents, however, have different ideas to what I do. I want to adopt; they want me to become a breeder 'to make some money back'. I want to abide by the RWAF recommendations of 60 square feet for the trio of neutered females I am interested...
  12. Lonogy

    Pregnant rabbit still trying to breed

    So I have 3 bonded rabbits, 1 neutered male and 2 females that aren’t spayed. One of which is pregnant, but she still tries to hump on the other 2. She’s due in a week, and I’m wondering if it’s common for pregnant rabbits to do that? Or if her breeding wasn’t successful and that’s why she’s...
  13. KikiDeAnime

    Rabbit Thread

    Thought I'd start a rabbit thread where we can post about our rabbits, post great info for new rabbit owners, etc. Only 2 rules for this thread: Be nice! & Don't make this thread into a 'Spay/Neuter your rabbits!! You're a terrible owner for not doing so!!!' thread because people have different...
  14. AltonaAcres

    Mini Rex Rabbit Breeding

    Hey there! I am starting out my Mini Rex breeding program, and I am looking for a little guidance. I have been breeding Holland's for quite some time, but I have decided to be done with them after my best one dying, my other best one being too old to show/breed, lots of failed litters, etc.. I...
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