1. L

    14 chickens in respiratory distress, and no vet in our town sees chickens!!

    Hello! 2 month owner of chickens here. About a week ago I noticed lots of sneezing and wheezing from 5 of the flock, and isolated them. I attempted to make a vet appointment only to discover, there are NO vets in our town, or surrounding towns, that see/treat chickens. As such, I am unable to...
  2. Acadian Birder


    I have a Splash Barnevelder here that started coughing/sneezing real bad two days ago and I am scared to loose her. I gave her Teyracylcin dissolve in water but after 24 hres she is not doing better and she doesnt eat I tryed VetRx around the nostril area and under wing and a bit on the roof...
  3. BarneyNCyndi

    Trouble is in Trouble

    Meet Trouble, she will be 4 years old this July. Last night, my husband & I heard a weird bark. We look at our dog and she gave us the "It's not me look." None of the 4 chickens pointed fingers but while doing the little things we do outside. My husband noticed that the sound came from...
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