1. KirbyH

    Singleton injured guinea keet

    I rescued a turkey poult on the day it hatched. Either the mother or other members of the flock were killing the hatchlings and this one, wounded and blind in one eye has survived. The mom who belongs to a neighbor who is presently out of the country had built a nest (hidden from sight for...
  2. greygoose

    Turkey genetics/ feather color!

    Hi there, this has probably been gone over several times. I did make an attempt to search through other posts and couldn't quite find a situation like mine. I am just trying to understand what I am dealing with, sorry if this is a repeat! My husband gifted me a pair of young Bourbon red turkeys...
  3. amymae1100

    Tom's or Hens?

    I have been wanting turkeys forever and especially since I had to give away my guineas because they started bothering the neighbors after 4 years of staying in our yard, darn things, (released them at a friend's drive-thru safari though :)) So I finally bought 1 tom (jake?) and 1 hen from a...
  4. C

    Younger turkeys all attacking old female turkey

    The babies are around 5 months and at first we thought it was the young males trying to establish a pecking order but then noticed they were all going after an old female. Not sure if turkeys try to kill off older turkeys as an evolutionary thing? Thanks for any info!
  5. WildestThing

    Turkey with strange posture and head ducking

    My female Bourbon Red is not looking good. I lost two to this same thing last year. She stands very upright and bobs her head. Someone said it could be Coccidia. I treated the flock last week, but there's still signs of it in the run. We live in Hawaii, and it's very warm and wet here. If...
  6. Anime2lover

    what turkey breed is this??

    I have three breeds of turkeys we got this year. Their still babies but have all their adolescent feathers. The problem is we dont know their breeds and want to try and keep a few cor breeding. So we'd like to find the best self breeding male and females we have. But we dont even know their...
  7. A


    We processed 2 turkeys yesterday, first time. What is the time frame for everything supposed to be as far as bleeding them out, time till scalding, plucking, time from first culling till should be gutted, how fast need to get into ice bath? Then is it ok to keep the birds just in ice in a cooler...
  8. PoultryMadUK

    What have I got here? Stags or hens?

    Hi everyone, I have had these guys from day olds, and they are 3 1/2 months old now. The are Norfolk black (I hope) but I'm struggling to tell if they are boys or girls! One of the turkeys has a larger, more developed beard, and is the only one that has started to gobble. I have circled that...
  9. H

    Blackhead disease - please help

    We came home tonight to a sick turkey. Couldn’t stand or lift its head. Looked like it just wanted to lay there and die. My husband brought it in the porch and held it for about ten minutes and then it died. it pooped on his shirt and it was runny and yellow. We are thinking blackhead disease. I...
  10. Jealous Gypsy

    Bump on 3 month old turkey eye

    Hi poultry peeps, Something is wrong with my biggest turkey poult. It has a large lump over its eyelid. No not the snod. It seems fine healthy and running around. I have not noticed a change in droppings, or in behavior. I noticed about a week or 2 ago and hubby told me it was probably a...
  11. ephiemarie

    Turkey coop/run/pen requirements? Help!

    Earlier this month, my husband found an abandoned pheasant chick in the yard that would not leave. So we adopted him and have been raising him in an indoor heated brooder. Sweetest little thing ever! However, I realized today that Sam-the-pheasant is actually a wild turkey. I had already begun...
  12. J&Kfeatheredfowl

    What IS THIS?!

    Hey everyone. So, the strangest thing just happened. We were down the allotments seeing to our hens and newly hatched chicks when a strange bird crashed into the fence?? At first we thought it was a chicken, but it doesn’t appear to have a comb - so we honestly have no clue what it is. It flew...
  13. JessMay

    Newest member! (As of right now)

    hey everyone! After seeing these forums everywhere and getting so many helpful questions answered I finally decided to join.. mostly because I needed some answers to my question about my guinea that flew into a darn tree tonight I’m new to the farm life.. living on a horse farm for almost a year...
  14. BReeder!

    Turkey crow collar?

    I have seen people who have success with crow collars on roosters. I am wondering if it would work on a tom turkey to keep gobbling to a minimum. We have a 1/3 acre lot with neighbors on both sides and behind us. I have 4 turkeys growing out right now. I would like to keep a tom if I could to...
  15. Tinkerbell531

    Searching for a Heritage Turkey

    Hi All! I am interested in raising my own Turkey for consumption. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can buy one to raise?Also, which is better to eat; a poult or a tom? Also, I was reading that blackhead can be an issue, especially if you're trying to raise the Chicken Hens and...
  16. M

    My 2 1/2 Month old Bronze Tom is attacking one of my chickens

    I have two Bronze turkeys, a tom and a hen, 2 1/2 months old, I got chickens at the same time, and have raised them all together and they have all gotten along quite famously! I was thrilled with how social they all were until yesterday. My Tom started first by pecking one of my chickens, not...
  17. PoultryMadUK

    Help! Turkey pale and lethargic

    Hi guys, I'm new to backyard chickens so I hope anyone can help me out! I have 3 Norfolk black Turkey poult, approx 2 months old. I've noticed over the last week that they have been sneezing, with some yellow discharge coming out of their noses. However, yesterday when I went to see them, one...
  18. Anita Scott

    Injured Tom

    We had 6 of our bbb survive. They are 3 months old. A couple of weeks ago, one of my birds attacked my tom on the upper part of his wing. Not sure what kind of bird, rooster, guinea or another tom. He couldn't stand, but we doctored him up and seperated him from the others. It has been 2 weeks...
  19. Anime2lover

    New turkey raising gender question.

    We got turkeys a short while ago, and may be keeping a breeding pair or two. But we dont know how to tell genders, nor when you can tell. How old do they need to be before we can tell, and what are the differences between and adolescent male and female??
  20. LaidWithLove

    You Guys Seriously Aren't Gonna Believe It.. (Phyllis the Turkey pt1)

    So I'd like to preface things with the statement that we ARE getting a permit and are not breaking any laws here in Ohio. Please be kind. We went into this led by our hearts, as we usually are, and we are remedying things as quickly as we can. Now, onto the story.. -- It was a casual day for me...
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