1. jesser286

    New Tom

    I just bought my first tom thats about 1-2 years old. iv had him close to a week and yet to see him strut or hear him gobble. hes very skiddish and even backs down from my hens when they chase after him. how long does it usually take for turkeys to “warm up” and begin to strut and gobble in...
  2. Tannerwild13

    Which incubator is right for me?

    Hey I’m looking for a new incubator but I can’t see what kinds are best. I’d like something that can hatch 100 or so at a time. I hatch turkey and chicken eggs mostly. But I’d like to be ready to hatch anything. What incubators do you think are best?
  3. L

    Adult turkeys peck at poult when introduced

    At the moment we have a tom and two hens. One of our hens somehow have made a nest outside and it was too late when we discovered it. She had 15 eggs from which 11 hatched. Unfortunately, we realised too late that it was way too cold for them. They hatched in December and it kept raining- they...
  4. BReeder!

    What would you put in your garden for poultry?

    We currently have chickens (8), turkeys (2), ducks (4) and quail (lots!). Although it's the dead of winter here in Illinois this time of year, Spring is not very far off. We will be prepping the garden in late March and starting to plant in mid/late April. We like to grow all sorts of...
  5. KaleDaDuck

    What should i do to new eggs while incubating old eggs

    So i recieved some turkey eggs from my friend and he asked me to incubate it.. But my problem is i got 2 muscovy duck eggs incubating (now at day 19) and im frustrated should i throw these 2 eggs (which both of them are developing embryos) or should i not what do i do
  6. Boer

    Hello from The Netherlands

    After reading quite a lot on this forum I think it's time for a brief introduction. Browsing the internet to learn more about turkeys I stumbled upon this great community. I find it very helpfull and entertaining to read all the experiences and comments of fellow poultry lovers. Since a few...
  7. PittyLova

    Do I have to rest turkey to be ground?

    I just had to dispatch an older BB turkey hen that had become mean to all of the other birds and has been limping around (she was almost 4yo...pretty good life for a BB). Where she's older and I already have 2 whole turkeys and lots of shredded and Turkey soup in the freezer I decided I'm just...
  8. 20191228_201657


    Evangeline taking a nap
  9. CATHY68

    Congested Turkey hen

    My Narragansett hen is very congested, she has been on Antibotics vitamins VETX for a wk and a half w/0 ANY improvements so I went to where I get my feed and stuff and she gave me AGRI-CILLIN, we been injecting it her under her wing 1x a day for 3 days along with fresh greens and still no...
  10. MysteryChicken

    Show Off Your Biggest Thanksgiving Turkey!! (Graphic Pics)

    Our Biggest Turkey Weighing 42lbs. Before cull.After Cull. Plucked, & Butchered.
  11. B

    Neighbors Birds

    Hello Everyone! Our neighbor raised 4 turkeys this spring. The males are are very friendly and tame. There are 3 males and 1 female. Will the female be injured in the spring by the males? They are very large, and I'm afraid the might hurt her. She is too skittish to put a saddle on. Any...
  12. Macro

    Sick Turkey, Drooping Head

    Found our tom turkey standing in his pen today with his head down (eyes open). He lives with two other ladies, both of which seem fine. Usually the three of them come running when we feed them, but tom was just standing there with his head down the whole time. Tried just putting some food in...
  13. Le Moth

    Turkey keeps flipping on to his back.

    So a couple weeks ago my 4 year old turkey, Brittany, had foam in the corner of his eyes and without any other symptoms the vet recommended just keeping an eye on him. I took him in to the vet when he started stumbling, spinning in a circle and flipped on to his back once, the vet gave him...
  14. AMaggio

    Turkeys and Goats on same pasture

    Hi everyone, I'm new to turkeys and goats but I'm playing around with the idea of having them share pasture. I know housing chickens and turkeys together can come with its own challenges, such as them sharing diseases, especially Histomoniasis/Blackhead. Then I had this idea that perhaps I could...
  15. Dfarago

    Mixing poultry

    My husband and I currently have Muscovies and are building a big aviary for them. But we want to expand our flock once the poultry ban lifts (we live just outside the quarantine zone but can’t travel into town without going through it) and we would like a variety of birds. What kind of poultry...
  16. Sundogz

    Potential brain damage from hypothermia? Please help diagnose this Turkey!

    My bird Meatball is a 4-month-old heritage turkey hen. She's a good size and is very feisty, but this morning she fell off the coop and got stuck in near-freezing mud. We found her likely within two hours (I was not awake when it happened) kicking her legs in a pinwheel unable to get up. We...
  17. Lob21

    Penicillin?? / Update

    Donnatella is doing better but she still isn't 100% OK, my mom had asked me if we would able to give her some Penicillin. I don't know so I'm going to ask here. Also, my dad brought home a new turkey hen today. A friend of my dad told him that Donnatella might just need a companion to get better...
  18. T

    Coop and Run for Turkey and Chicken

    We have about 10 chickens in an 8x8 coop right now and would like to add 2 turkeys to the mix. Is that a big enough coop? Also the run will be about 40x48. We also have 2 geese and 4 ducks that share the run but have their own house. But the ducks and geese get let out in the goat pen when there...
  19. SapperSix2019

    Need a person to process Chicken and Turkey - Roxana, IL

    Looking to hire a person to correctly process some chickens and turkey. We live in Roxana, IL zip is 62084.
  20. SapperSix2019

    Turkey for sale in IL

    7 farm raised turkey for sale - $55 each for a large healthy bird. Get yours today! Zip - 62084
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