1. cluckmecoop7

    The Clucky Coop Adventures - 2020 CHAT

    Hello, :frow Welcome! Want some mealworms? This thread is called "The Clucky Coop Adventures". This is my 2020 chat/updates thread. I'm hoping to update it daily. I will be sharing **LOTS** of pictures and stories + updates and questions. I'll start with my pets: I have a small flock of six...
  2. B

    Chicken+ Guinea Update

    We've gotten addicted. It's only been a few months and I'm hopeless. Update on the Chicken Flock We got 22 new chickens. All of them are female but three, but the person who gave them to us accidentally bought full Rhode Island Reds instead of Bantams, which is definitely a problem seeing as we...
  3. Sheltiepawz

    Easter egger he or she 5 weeks

    Hi all! This Is Easter my 8 year old daughters chick from our order of 7. Easter is 5 1/2 weeks old now. She was always the largest and used to be very friendly till she moved to the coop this week and now doesn’t really want much to do with us. She was very evenly colored till a week ago...
  4. Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry it’s been a long while since I last posted. Let me give you an update on their progress. My chickens are doing great. We used to have 11 chickens but two died. The two that died were Fidget the Silkie and Martha the Faverolle chicken. We had to sell the white cockerel male, which I renamed...
  5. DianeB

    Chicken dying will be putting down soon...very sad

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread. Sorry if it's posted in the wrong spot. I have a beautiful and sweet RIR that is showing all the signs of ovarian cancer. There is no point in prolonging her suffering. The earliest I can take her in is Tuesday, so at least I have the weekend to say...
  6. JakeandJimmy

    Update on Jimmy (don’t question her name)

    I’d like to thank everyone that helped me when I was worried about my duckling. She has been up and moving more today than she has in the past couple of weeks. We separated her from the others because she didn’t have the energy to push them away so she could eat. At first I thought she would...
  7. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys, It’s been soo long since I have posted on here. I just want to give y’all an update on Jack, the duck I got back in April after my poor Gus got taken by a fox. I had searched everywhere for a grown pekin duck for sale near Richmond Va, and finally found one farm a couple hours away...
  8. Keeperoflock

    UPDATE: Sick Hen....Need Help

    Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to y'all regarding my leghorn that had EYP. I decided to give her one more day to see if she was going to pull herself out of it. I really didn't hold much hope after reading all the great info Kikigirls gave me. (Thank you so much). Everyone...
  9. Zolamarie

    New duck update

    Hi guys! I know it’s been foreever since I last posted about my new duck, Jack. I’ve had him about three months now! When I first got him, he was skinny, filthy, and has wet feather. Also since he had lived on a farm( which clearly wasn’t a nice one) he was terrified of people. He still does not...
  10. H

    My Rhode Island Red babies

    They are 11wks old! I'm so proud of myself that they are doing so good! Do I worry a bit much sometimes? Yeah, I do... These are my first babies. All I want is for them to keep growing bigger and stronger every day.
  11. Quacking Pigeon

    Pigeon Update #3 Plans with the loft

    I’m thinking about what I should do in the loft at the moment to improve the Pigeons lifestyle. What I’m thinking is that I should add in some nest boxes in all sections of the loft because I have at least one pair nesting in each section. I also plan in adding some perches in. My pigeons are...
  12. 1dog1cat6chicks

    Curled toe paralysis?

    We recently got seven chicks from Meyer Hatchery. They were all doing well, up until yesterday. Our Delaware, Petunia, was suddenly not getting around. All the other chicks are fine. They are two weeks old. We noticed that Petunia didn't get up and scamper around; upon closer inspection, she...
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