Nov 25, 2017
Richmond VA, USA
Hi guys,
It’s been soo long since I have posted on here. I just want to give y’all an update on Jack, the duck I got back in April after my poor Gus got taken by a fox.

I had searched everywhere for a grown pekin duck for sale near Richmond Va, and finally found one farm a couple hours away who would sell one to me. My friend and I went over and the farmer told us to wait there and left. A minute later he came back holding Jack by his wings.(poor baby) He was filthy and his feathers were ragged and all his tail feathers were ripped off. He also had severe wet feather. He was so skinny his neck looked too long for his body.

At first, Jack was terrified of me, but he has slowly gotten used to me and my family. He and Peggy now roam the yard freely during the day, and know where they are and are not allowed. Jack loves playing and digging around in mud and leaves. He is also getting kind of cuddly. He is far different from the scraggly little duck who fled frantically from me the first day he was here.

He looks like a model :cool:

They were yelling at me for treats(he is on the left)

They love to go foraging in the yard together

Look how majestic his wings are

He’s a happy ducky :love

Thanks for reading!:frow


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