1. GardenIslandChickens

    Breed guesses

    Hi! Looking for help sorting out these babies. They are a mix of Welsummer, Bielefelder(spot on head, dark brown color) and 55 Flowery Hen(spot on head, light brown color). I think the ones at 12 o'clock and 5 o'clock are Welsummers, the one at 2 o'clock is a Bielefelder, and the one at 9...
  2. J

    Welsummer 11 months and not laying!

    So I bought several chicks from a hatchery in February of 2020. All of them have laid eggs (and stopped due to the shorter days.) Out of those chickens I had 2 welsummers, one had been laying eggs since at least September and the other STILL has yet to lay :( she is most definitely a hen. I...
  3. SANDMAN84

    Which breed are they?

    I have a couple of pullers I can’t identify. I bought these birds from a hatchery in a Brown Egg Layer Assortment. I am pretty sure what most of them are but there is two I can’t figure out. I’ll post some pictures and tell you what I think they are. These birds are almost 4 months old. The...
  4. Kimi BK

    Welsummer boy & girl

    7 weeks ago we got 24 chicks including a straight run of 7 Welsummers: our first experience with Welsummers and first experience with males. Trying to sex them as day/week olds, we thought we had 3 male (very blonde heads, almost no eye stripe), 3 female (darker heads and dark eye stripes), and...
  5. zoe1103

    Zoe1103 introduction!

    Hi, I’m Zoe. Hopefully I’m doing this right it was a bit confusing! I have 4 welsummer pullets, almost 26 weeks now. They’re still not laying, but I have a feeling one is closing in maybe. We also have a cuckoo maran and a red sex link (both hens). They’re in a 64 sq ft coop and run, attached by...
  6. CayugaMama

    Sick Welsummer?

    My 6 week old Welsummer Cockerel has been acting strange the past couple of days and I am wondering if anyone sees any red flags. The night temps have dropped here in Texas the past few nights, but only to the upper 50s. - He is usually very active when I let the birds out in the mornings, but...
  7. RevlisRemmah

    Countdown to the first egg. Buckle up, it could be awhile....

    As of October 5th, my 15 pullets are 18 weeks old. I also have a cockerel from my MIL who is 2-4 weeks older. I am (im)patiently waiting for my first egg. In the meantime I’m going to post a profile for each of my chickens. One a day. Hopefully it will help the next 16 days go fast and maybe...
  8. Texas Transplant

    Welsummer with heavy bloom pale eggs ??

    I have a Welsummer pullet (hatched April 13th '20) that has been laying for 2 weeks. She eats high quality organic feed, free choice oyster shell and lots of fresh dark greens, veggies and fruit. Her eggs have a HEAVY bloom and more often than not, appear pink. If I wipe them clean they are...
  9. L

    Assorted Bantams

    Hello chicken friends! My family just got our second flock going. We have 6 pullets (2 gold sex link, 2 Columbian Wyandottes, 2 big all grey ones ?) and we picked two out of the assorted bantam bin at TSC. The employee said the ones with the heaviest eyeliner were more likely to be pullets. I’m...
  10. halefamily_flock

    Chicken Math & Genetics Experiments in Southeast Missouri

    I recently left city life & corporate America after 20+ years and moved to rural southeast Missouri, to restart/rebuild the family farm where my dad grew up. I got my first chickens --4 Dominique hens and a Rooster--from Cackle Hatchery in June 2019. I thought I might expand the flock in 2020...
  11. eveleychook

    Welsummer chicks pullets or cockerels?

    About 4 weeks ago I went to a hatchery and purchased a few chicks as friends for the only chick that hatched from the incubator. I wanted 3 Welsummer chicks 1 boy 2 girls. I noticed a week later, that one of the chicks I thought was a Welsummer looked different to the other two. I felt sure...
  12. LDev

    My first hatch! Pic sharing

    Just thought I’d post a few pics of my new chicks hatched by my broody hen at the weekend. I have 1 Welsummer, 3 Lavender Araucanas (UK so ours have rumps) and 2 Indian Game/Welsummer crosses ...be interested to see how they turn out as I like both of those birds but have never seen a cross...
  13. Laceylatti

    12 week Welsummer Cockerel, Charlotte NC

    I have a 12 week Welsummer and French Black Copper Maran cockerel up for discussion. They were hand raised and are friendly Charlotte, NC
  14. egibsch

    Pics of our first flock

    I appreciate all the pics here on BYC, so I thought I'd share our crew! The first group is currently 2 weeks old. Purchased 6 from Tractor Supply (TSC) June 4 (hatch date June 1). 4 Easter Eggers (labeled as Americana) and 2 Cuckoo Marans. We will be sharing 3 of these with friends in a week or...
  15. C

    Just wanted to show some pictures of my happy flock

    I got 4 Welsummers and one Cuckoo Maran the pullets are 8 weeks old and the rooster he is a bielefelder rooster he is so handsome.
  16. Stefrrr

    Can you help me figure out the breeds of these three chicks?

    Can you help me identify the breeds of these 6-week old chicks? I ordered five mystery female chicks from the hatchery with my gold laced Wyandottes and Marans. One is almost definitely an Andalusian, another seems likely to be a silver laced Wyandotte (and maybe a cockerel), but the other three...
  17. Laceylatti

    Welsummer week 1 through week 7

    Hello all! I thought I’d post pictures of my welsummer chick’s growth every week through week 7 to potentially help anyone trying to sex their welly. At first I was positive she was a pullet, but as you can see in the pictures she became a he. He still has the eye liner at 7 weeks despite being...
  18. SherryannM

    Welusmmer, EE, or other?

    Short story long, the bins at the farm store were mislabeled and we definitely did not get the pullet we thought we were getting. Can you help us identify? Shes about 8 weeks old.
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