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  2. CassNelson

    Meet the flock + need your help on roo watch!

    Hello all, new chicken mama Cassie here. I ordered 11 pullets from MMH that are now almost a month old, so of course I am now playing the paranoid “pullet or cockerel??” game. I thought I’d introduce the ladies and see if any of you experienced eagle-eyes notice something I hadn’t, especially if...
  3. pekin queen

    egg colour genetics

    hi so i have a question about egg colour genetics: what happens if i cross a belgium bantam hen (of any kind) with a welsummer rooster and the other way around (and if you have any pictures of your chickens or eggs from this cross pleas post them) thanks :)
  4. L

    What gender do you think these Babies are?

    pic 1 crested polish 7 weeks pic 2 welsummer 8 weeks
  5. G

    Pullets or cockerel??

    Hello everyone! New to the group and I was here looking for a little help. Feb 28th my chicks were shipped , I ordered from Cackle Hatchery. I ordered 3 Welsummer pullets, and 3 Barred rock pullets. They threw in a extra barred rock which turned out to be a cockerel. Now I’m questioning 2 of my...
  6. Blooming Hills Homestead

    ISO Welsummer Chicks in WI

    Hello! I am looking for a male and female welsummer chick in WI! I’m located in central Wisconsin.
  7. aimz127

    Is the breed accurate?

    I picked up a few hens since I'm planning on splitting my flock by size and my roo needed more ladies. The lady told me two were Welsummer hens and two were cuckoo maran crosses. I don't particularly care about the breeds, if I have barnyard mixes that's totally fine with me as there's no plan...
  8. K

    Sex-Link using Legbars

    I have hatched two rounds of Welsummer (rooster) X Cream Legbar chicks. This should produce sex-links. The chicks I suspect are males have very small head spots compared to other sex-links I have seen. What would cause them to not be as defined? My stock is from breeders and not hatchery...
  9. Dazed and Confused

    Creating the silver welbar

    I have 2 eggs in the incubator, hatching in 1 week. The eggs are from a partridge Welbar rooster over a Barred Rock hen. when this cross is done with a welsummer, the chicks are sex linked. Is this also Going to be the case over the welbar? Or is the extra barring going to change things? In my...
  10. DavisHenitentiary

    ISO Bantam hatching eggs! Ameraucana and Welsumer ☺️

    Hello all! I am looking for hatching eggs to grow my flock. I am interested in bantam Ameraucana and Bantam Welsumers. I can pickup within two hours of 39465, Petal MS, or I’m open to having them shipped ☺️ Please help!!
  11. Brown eggs

    Brown eggs

    Barnevelder eggs, Marans eggs and Welsummer eggs
  12. B

    Do all Wellsummers look like hawks?

    I’ve noticed that as my Welsummer chicken, Cinnamon aka Cinnie Minnie, has started to look like a Hawk. I just mean her pattern, colors, and even her beak has a black spot reminiscent of a hawk. Were they bred to mimic the appearance of hawks as a way to deter hawks or was this just random?
  13. E

    Welsummer or Old English Game??

    I was research online to figure out what kind of chicks I got. All the chicks on the perch are from the same clutch from one hen. Their mom was very aggressive and raised them very well as free range birds. I narrowed down to welsummer because of the stripe going through their eyes but one one...
  14. ActualBadger

    Bantam Welsummer or Bantam Brown Leghorn?

    Some odd circumstances have left me with a mystery, straight run bantam. (The rest of my chicks shipped today, it won't be alone for too long) I think I've narrowed it down to being either a Welsummer or a Brown Leghorn. I'm really hoping for a Welsummer hen because I know that Leghorns can be...
  15. L

    Welsummer and Easter Egger Pullets - Eastern Massachusetts

    One Welsummer pullet (dark brown eggs) and one Easter Egger pullet available. Born 4/26/21. Pickup or (local) delivery. $35/pullet now, $40/pullet at 8 weeks. Flock certified salmonella free by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources; from an NPIP hatchery.
  16. IMG_6700.JPG


    2020 chicks. From left to right: Louie the Rhode Island White, Georgie the Barred Rock, Beaky the Silver Laced Wyandotte and Chihiro the Welsummer.
  17. wat_da_cluck

    RARE FREE COCKERELS FOR EGG COLOR BREEDING- BC Maran, Swedish Isbar (aka Silverudds Blue), Heritage Wellsummer, Sage Egger

    Hello! I lost the gender lottery big time (only 2/10 pullets) - and can't keep 10 roos for 5 hens. All are UNVACCINATED from Alchemist Farm in California. Alchemist is the gold standard for free range, sustainable, organic, chicken-centered breeding chickens. Anyway the 2 Black Copper Marans...
  18. Pollito Pelon

    What breed of Hen is this?

  19. pattijoiner

    Questioning my Welsummers...

    I have 2 3-week-old Welsummers. I’m thinking my Rose may be a Ross 🤣. First two pics are Rose/Ross Second two pics are the other girl. Thoughts? Pics arent the greatest, they never sit still!
  20. spicegirlchicks

    Is this a roo?

    This little chickie seems more bold than the rest. Jumps at me and pecks at me and chest bumps the other chicks. Won't run away when I reach for him/her (which is nice because my kids & I like to hold them). Is it too early to tell if a roo? It is one of 12 chicks of various breeds including 4...
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