1. BerthaBoo

    Breed ideas for these chicks? Wyandotte, Marans, Welsummer, and Ameraucana mixes

    Hi everyone! Okay so I know it’s impossible to pinpoint this batch of chicks’ specific breeds, but I’m curious if y’all have any ideas of parent breeds, potential feathering patterns, or what breeds might be the most prominent based on what the chick looks like right now. Obviously just for fun...
  2. T

    Welsummer Hen x BCM Roo

    If anyone has ever crossed Welsummer to a black copper maran. I would love to see what the offsprings eggs turned out to look like? Thanks!
  3. Y

    can you identify my lil red hens’ breeds?

    i got a flock of rare/standard chicks delivered, still trying to figure out what these ladies are. any ideas? i have 5 that look the exact same, although 3 have what appears to be pea combs and the others are a tad more pronounced and look like single combs. the photo above illustrates two...
  4. Cammo77

    G'day everyone!

    G'day everyone from (not so) sunny Queensland, Australia. Big thank you for letting me join your online community. My wife and I have a 1 acre block and currently have 3 laying hens (ex-cage Hyline commercial layers) and recently acquired 6 pullets. 2 Welsummer, 2 Polish, Blue laced Barnevelder...
  5. Winderdear

    First Egg Likely? Even in November?

    Hello all! My four girls are 22 weeks today received as day old chicks on 6/13. My Cuckoo Marans, Juillet, has become much more vocal this past week and is squatting when we go to pet her. She always crouched and tried to slink away, but now she sometimes just stands still and gets really flat...
  6. T

    Chicken math is a real thing!!! Living proof here in Selma, ca

    I am new here - I’m located in selma, Ca and I started with 4 chicks in Feb 2023.. then I got 1 more.. then I got 2 more…. And then I got 3 more…. And I definitely don’t have plans to go see some more after work tomorrow… Anyways, I currently have - 2 - RIR hens 2 - EE hens 4 - Welbar hens...
  7. C

    Ameracauna (pure) x Welsummer

    Hey there!! Does anyone have an Ameracauna (my Roo is a Blue) and bred it with a Welsummer? I'm wondering if the chicks will have beards and muffs. Is that automatic or will some have it and some not? I'd love to see pics if y'all have this mix, please. ❤️
  8. C

    Louisville Area - Pullets For Sale - Multiple Breeds - From Hatchery

    $35 each All hens, no roosters. They are 10 weeks old as of July 15th and will be 12 weeks old July 29th. Available hens: 20 - Americana, lay pastel (green, pink and blue) eggs 20 - Noir marans, lay dark chocolate eggs 4 - Columbia rock cross, lay brown eggs 6 - Cuckoo marans, lay dark...
  9. alsykes2000

    14 1/2 week old welsummer pullets comb and wattle development difference

    I have 2 welsummer pullets (both 14 1/2 weeks old), one has a much brighter and larger comb and wattle than the other. She is also the loudest constantly bawking and bossing the flock around. Her size is the same as the rest of the flock. She’s not a sneaky roo, is she?
  10. Fluffington23

    What is she ?

    Welsummer or Dixie Rainbow Broiler ?
  11. MissLivia

    Help Sexing my New Flock (Easter Eggers+Welsummer+Australorp)

    We recently got our second round of chickens, so it's time again for the age old question -- pullet or cockerel? All are about two and a half months old (got them April 1 and April 7). Easter Egger: Max Easter Egger: Chloe She's the one I'm worried about. Australorp: Nilin...
  12. CITYS84

    Welsummer Barnevelder Araucana Exchequer Leghorn sexing?

    What do you think? I’m thinking 3 hens 1 Roo… happy to be advised otherwise?! They are coming up to 5 weeks old.
  13. E

    Urban Laying Hens and Olive Egger Breeder in Tucson

    Hi all! I look up questions on here all the time, but finally made an account of my own. I've got about 25 laying hens in Tucson. Sell eggs at the farmers market. I've always wanted to breed olive eggers and finally this year I have a good BCM roo and a good Amerucauna roo and set up their...
  14. T

    Small backyard flock - what’s gets along with BR?

    We have a small flock of 4 backyard laying hens. We are looking to add another 2 hens (live in city limits, so we can have 6 hens total, and hopefully on the quieter end, pullet chicks). We have 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, a Sapphire Gem and a Sapphire Olive Egger. All are pretty great foragers...
  15. M

    New member

    We're new to Backyard chickens. :frowWe're getting our coop and everything ready at this time but no chickens yet, 5/2023. We live in a hot arid environment so dealing with heat and all the pests that come with that will be our biggest challenges. We had chickens once before for a few months...
  16. E

    Anyone have hatching eggs?

    Hey everyone! I used to be a big fan of this thread when I had chickens years ago. It’s been a busy few years which resulted in me selling everything I had. Well, I’m back in the feather business I guess you would say. Anyways, it’s good to be back with fellow chicken members again. I just...
  17. G

    What breed is my 9 week old bantam?

    She was sold as a "Tried and True Bantam" at the farm store. We thought maybe a Welsummer bantam or some kind of Old English game? Not sure though. If anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Aleelupton

    Welsummer, BBS Ameraucana, OE, Serama, Assorted, & Micro Serama Hatching Eggs Available

    Hi friends! We have the following breeds available for shipment weekly: •Welsummer •BBS Ameraucana •1st Generation Olive Egger (Welsummer Roo × BBS & Lavender Ameraucana hens) •Serama •Assorted mix (will include Welsummer × various breeds and pure breeds) •Micro Serama We offer half and full...
  19. Pogo

    Chick that freaks out when sleeping?

    Hello BYC! Recently I was given a little bantam welsummer chick, everything seems pretty good but as soon as she falls asleep she freaks out and starts crying/flapping about, sometimes ending up upside down. But when she wakes up everything’s fine and she eats, drinks and walks around normal...
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