1. CityslickerHomestead

    In Search of Photos of Your Chickens

    Hi! I am brand-new to raising chickens and realized not long after I got my chicks that they may not be what the feed store said they were. Also I read the hatchery they came from may not be the most reputable. I believe they are 4-5 weeks old and I think I have two Welsummers, three SL Polish...
  2. C

    Crossing a Welsummer rooster

    Hello! I was curious if anyone has ever crossed a Welsummer Rooster with any of these hens: Rhode Island Red Sienna Stars Cinnamon Queens Barred Rocks Buff Orpingtons Sapphire Gems We have our first batch hatching now and I’m super curious to know what they’re going to look like and how to...
  3. Freidabrest

    Hello I’m Freida!

    Hello I’m Freida I’ve had my own backyard chickens for the last two years, however I’ve looked after and cared for chickens since I was about 9 (I’m 18). Currently I have 6 hens, 2 chicks (female) and 2 cockerels that live at my grandad’s house (as we have a semi detached house) My oldest...
  4. Nathaniel Walton

    Welsummer chick gender

    Hi just wanting a few opinions, had my buff Orpington hatch 4 random eggs and there is a pure welsummee chick (pictured) I think it's a hen but could I please have some expert opinions it's the one top left
  5. MagpieDucks

    Chicks: Weekly Updates!

    1 Day Old: Tilly & Alaska Pistachio and Kiwi Loretta and Mabel Peaches and Mango Group Photo Pistachio Puzzle
  6. kip5254

    Who Laid This Egg?

    Hi everyone! So I have a mixed flock of 2 red sex link hens (about 4 years old), a 6 month old Ameracauna rooster, and a 6 month old Welsummer hen. My rooster's comb and wattle are very bright red and though he hasn't been crowing, he's definitely started to assert his dominance (at least over...
  7. MagpieDucks

    Poultry Raising Endeavors of 2019

    Hey! I'm starting this thread to document my brooding and raising of chicks for the year. Feel free to join in for the ride! Lots of pictures will be included. :p
  8. J

    Whose is this?

    So not sure whose this is. Options: older Welsummer, young cuckoo maran, or blue isbar. Any thoughts? I'm leaning toward Welsummer...
  9. MattDiaz

    Hatching Eggs Available- Texas

    All prices include insured priority shipping. Ayam Cemani 50.00 1/2 dozen 80.00/dozen Welsummer: 50.00/dozen Midget White Turkey Eggs 50.00 1/2 dozen
  10. MotherOfChickens08

    My squad!

    Here's a pic of my girls coming to greet me as I come down to feed them scraps and treats. I just found out that I have Easter Eggers and not Ameracauna. Kinda bummed not getting blue eggs but I'm so fascinated by the beautiful olive eggs they have been laying.
  11. VyeFye


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am brand spanking new to chickens. I have two pullets that are almost 6 weeks old and 3 chicks that are a week old. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 5. See also, not enough. (3) What breeds do you have? I have a...
  12. triala

    Can anyone sex these four, please?

    I have (finally!) managed to get hatchable eggs and incubator working in synch, and hatched these little beauties just three weeks ago. They are Welsumers, and this is the first time I have had this breed. Can any experts out there figure out whether I have 2 girls and 2 boys, or 3 boys and 1...
  13. D

    cockerel or Pullet, Olive egger from welsummer mom x cream legbar dad:

    Hey guys. Boy or girl? Last weekend, I picked up what I was told was a 6-7 week old F1 Olive Egger (& a French Cuccoo Marans pullet!) The hen was a Welsummer and the Rooster was a Cream Legbar. It was the last and only one left at the farm, so I had nothing to compare it to in order to judge...
  14. 3lilFeatheredDemons

    Bumblefoot Help Needed

    Bumblefoot is no stranger to our flock, so it was easily recognizable when our three-year old welsummer (Summer) came down with it recently. Usually we take our ladies in to the vet to have it taken care of, but our avian vet is on vacation and the soonest appointment offered will be more than...
  15. Marty chicken girl

    Is this Welsummer a rooster?

    This Welsummer chicken is 10 weeks old, and has started to do a bit of crowing in the mornings. Pretty sure it's a rooster, but I am new to raising chickens, so I thought I would check with the experts first. We live in the city in Colorado Springs, so we will have to find a new home for him...
  16. Marty chicken girl

    Hi, I'm Marty and I am brand new to raising chickens. I have five chickens that are 10 weeks old.

    Hi, I'm Marty and I am brand new to raising chickens. I have five chickens who are 10 weeks old - one Easter Egger, one Buff Orpington, one Buckeye, and two Welsummers. My son built a beautiful coop and my husband built a run that is secure on the top, bottom and sides. We live in Colorado...
  17. ChickieChickieMama

    San Jose CA- Silkie, Polish, Cochin, Leghorn, Welsummer Cockerels

    I've chickened out of keeping a bachelor pad for my accidental roosters, so I'm now looking for homes for some different juvenile cockerels: Hatched March 27: Two unknown cockerels, presumed to be one Brown Leghorn and one Welsummer (were sold as Welsummer Pullets); Cinnamon Buff Standard...
  18. Greenspec

    Breed confusion

    Hi everyone, I hope someone here can help me figure out what kind of chickens I have! I purchased two of what I was told were Welsummer chickens when they were two months old, hatched on February 13th. I noticed a couple weeks ago that the earlobes turned white on them, so then I thought maybe I...
  19. Alicat4244

    2 yr old limping ,panting, and vent pulsing

    I have a 2 yr old welsummer that is limping . She is eating and drinking well and as of last night she is separated from the flock and in a little tractor coop. I observed her alot yesterday before I put her up feet and legs look good no swelling . When I watch her walk it looks to me like maybe...
  20. MelissaRose

    Would anyone be interested in some rooster chicks in a few weeks?

    I have Three welsummer or barnevelder chicks (I don't know which ones are which) and one Golden laced wyandott/white rock mix. The welsummers and barnevelders are about five weeks and I was going to keep them for a few more weeks so they can grow up a little, but if you want them now that's...
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