1. B

    Welsummer or something else?

    We are proud new owners of 20 chicks now 4 weeks old. We have four Welsummers in our flock although I have my doubts on whether our Audrey is in fact a Welsummer or something else. She has a speckled head and lighter in color when compared to her sisters. At first I thought she was in fact a...
  2. welsummer


  3. ChickenMaddy

    Barnevelder or Welsummer...?

    So I picked up this little cutie (Leia) yesterday. Have been told by the seller she’s a single laced barnevelder but I’m more inclined to think she may be a welsummer or welsummer x barnevelder. Any ideas? I’ve never had either breed before so not sure what to look for.
  4. J

    Any pics of Olive Egger cross of Welsummer Easter Egger

    Hello I am considering some Olive Egger Chicks that are a cross of welsummer easter egger. I know the eggs can vary, but I am actually interested in if anyone has this cross and would like to share pictures of their hens?
  5. TrentT

    Who's the mom?

    I just had several chicks hatch. Father is a purebred Welsummer. Potential mothers include golden campine, silver campine, and silver leghorn. The chick on the right in the first pic was mothered by a RIR, but the black one and the chick in the second pic could be from any of the hens listed...
  6. Magpyeone

    Wellsummer walking funny, not laying

    My 1 1/2 yo Wellsummer hasn’t been laying for around a week, and yesterday when I let the chickens out I noticed she was waddling funny. I checked and she’s not egg-bound but that whole area looks red and inflamed. Any ideas?
  7. Daciaangela

    What chick is this?

    I thought he would have larger, nicer looking birds and be able to work with them more if he could be with them starting this year. Then I learned you could hatch fertilized eggs. I figured my daughter, 3, would also like So I bought an incubator and then a dozen eggs. We bought Welsummer as...
  8. Ashmab12

    Barnevelder or Welsummer??

    I’ve got 3 chickens that were supposed to be barnevelder pullets when we bought them. I’m thinking they may be welsummer Roos. Is anyone able to tell these two breeds apart? I will attach pics. Pretty positive number 1 is a rooster but I’m new to this so I’m curious about 2 and 3. Definitely...
  9. nhc920

    8 week old Welsummer-scrawny or sick?

    Hey there, I would really appreciate some input on this! I've got an 8 week old Welsummer cockerel (Bob, formerly Amelia), bought as a "pullet" from a local breeder. Grew at slower pace than the others, but after his comb emerged, I assumed it might be a breed trait for cockerels? I was letting...
  10. J

    Is my chicken a Welsummer?

    When I got her as a pullet last spring Nellie was identified as a Welsummer. But I’m having my doubts. First, her eggs are white (not brown). Second, she doesn’t quite have the same colors/patterns of pics I see online (I think she’s better-looking than those I see online, too ;)). I was hoping...
  11. Gaurdian Minifarm

    Pullet's for sale~Iron Mountain,MI

    We have lot's of gorgeous pullets for sale. They are between 3-8 weeks-old. We have Cinnamon Queens, Olive-Eggers, and Welsummers. All confirmed pullets. CQs~$3ea, Wels~$4ea, OEs~$5ea. At 4 weeks, the price increases by a dollar a week. Please contact for more info.
  12. MOpalB

    RAFFLE being held by Miss Mary's Happy Hen and Honey Bee Orchard

    We run a small hobby farm in Northwest Georgia. We hatch and raise the breeds we love and offer them to our friends....YOU! We offer Chickens, Chicks, Hatching Eggs, etc. We will have raffles and auctions as our page grows so that you will be able to get amazing deals. All of our animals are...
  13. C

    Hello BYC! :) I'm Smitten With Chickens!

    Hello, everyone! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Not new to chickens, had them for most of my life. I first got some baby chicks when I was a little girl and it was love at first peep! (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I currently have two mama hens...
  14. CityslickerHomestead

    What is this “Americana” mixed with?

    I’m wondering what she is mixed with. She was sold as an “Americana” which I now know thanks to the BYC Community means nothing and is just a marketing ploy by hatcheries capitalizing on the similarity to the Ameraucana name. She’s an Easter egger and I’m totally ok with that! She’s from...
  15. Pixichicken

    New RIR x Welsummer chicks!!

  16. tstreetman

    Sexing help for our new, little flock. 2 months old - 4 breeds.

    I am looking for some help with determining if we have any roos among our little flock. We purchased our 5 chicks from a local farm store, trying to get 5 hens. We were told the breeders had 85% accuracy in sexing, but no guarantees, so we're somewhat prepared for one or two maybe turning out to...
  17. JS1977

    Welsummer pullet or cockerel?

    I'm 99% sure this is a cockerel based on the bright red comb and the early appearance of some small wattles, but I'd like y'alls opinion as well. It's also very wiry and jumpy compared to the others. This morning it had a hold of the white frizzle chicks neck feathers and was dragging her around...
  18. frackmomma

    "Depressed" Chicken?

    Hey chicken family! I have an 8 week old Welsummer chick that doesn't act like the rest of my chickens. I also have two other 8 weekers and four 14 weekers. When I let them out of their coop, the others are so excited, foraging, and running around the yard. She does this for a few minutes but...
  19. CityslickerHomestead

    In Search of Photos of Your Chickens

    Hi! I am brand-new to raising chickens and realized not long after I got my chicks that they may not be what the feed store said they were. Also I read the hatchery they came from may not be the most reputable. I believe they are 4-5 weeks old and I think I have two Welsummers, three SL Polish...
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