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1. Protein requirement of Japanese Quail during rearing and laying periods.
2. https://www.nap.edu/read/2114/chapter/1
3. Still in the works: Japanese Quail BYC Article
4. Another of my Google sheets, Nutritional Requirements
5. My Feed Comparison Google Sheet

Homozygous are pure genes, having two same gene alleles of a characteristic. Heterozygous just have one part of it.

Recessive characteristics need both parts in a gene to show it. Otherwise it will not show.

Dominat characteristics just need one part in the gene and overlay the different other part, so also heterozygous birds show the characteristics.

Celadon are bluelayers (the blue eggs on the photo) ... and it is recessive, so only homozygous birds are laying blue (both parts of the gene need to have the celadon gene)

You can say more simple, that homozygous is pure inheritance and heterozygous is mixed.


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We just did a week ago on the 7th. A total of 48 of them, will post pictures once they hatch and would definitely like to see others' setup/eggs/chicks.
Awesome! Have you candled yet to check to see how many are developing?

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