➡I accidentally bought Balut eggs: 2 live ducks! Now a Chat Thread!


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Feb 24, 2013
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Yes, that is burrrrrrish cold. The sun was shining today and even with a high of just 25, the sun still thawed the surface of the ground with no breeze. But by 5 pm, the winds picked up and the ground quickly refroze.
My outside enclosed pens have comfortable coops but some of the birds choose to roost on the roof...even when temps drop low by our standards. Even had some stay on the roof during the snow. They are healthy and acclimated to the weather.
My turkeys have outside roosts and can be found there every night no matter what the weather is.

The Farmers' Daughter

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Aug 2, 2017
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@The Farmers' Daughter How's the house?
Are y'all settled in now?
Kinda sorta. Lots of finishing work to do. I've been putting off working on trying to get the gunk off of the kitchen cabinet doors. I've got two more things I'm going to try, and if they don't work I'm just going to paint them instead of stain. Next project will be the brick backsplashes.
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