1 Gorgeous Pair of Mille Fleur Cochins Washington State--NO SHIPPING

Rare Feathers Farm

11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
My Coop
I have reluctantly decided to part with my last pair mille Fleur cochins--with a new baby and new projects in the works, I simply don't have the time or space for these any more.

This is a young pair--the hen is almost one year old and the rooster is about 1.5 years old. They produce gorgeous babies together. The hen has gone broody and I let her raise chicks this summer. She did very well. The rooster is kind of shy and slightly feisty. Nothing too mean but he does occasionally need an attitude adjustment.

Their type could be better but these would be a great start for someone wanting to get into this color and skip ahead 5 years on this project!

Sorry I DO NOT SHIP. I can possibly transport to Wenatchee or Portland or somewhere along the way...

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