1 week old chicks not eating !!!!


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Nov 10, 2007
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I just had 12 week old chciks die last night. I don't know what happen to them my brooder is big enough where they can get out of heat. only have an 100 watt bulb on them. they quite eating for me. they have food 24 hr a day. I have been feeding them gamebird grower is this okay?
Can you give more informaton?

When did they stop eating? How did you notice? Did all of them stop eating at one time?

Yes, game bird grower is fine.

What kind of bedding are they on?

Describe their brooder set-up.

The more information the better.

Are there more chicks there still alive?

Very sorry for your loss.
its a 5 ft by 3 foot brooder. I have 30 chicks left. I have them on pine shavings. they just stated getting weaker and weaker. I felt under them and they had no food in their crops, You could feel their bones under. Its like they neveer started eating. I have 2 feeders and 1 water in the brooder. I did put some food also on a paper plate. I frist noticed about 2 days ago. So I split the brooder in half so they won't get run over by everyone eles. I found all but 2 died this morining.
I put the lamp in the middle its about ft off the ground.It has a 100 watt bulb in it because they are in my shed with the doors wide open. any ideas? I'll get pictures at lunch time.
Really stupid question, but have you dipped their beaks in the water and tapped the food until they started pecking? My oldest loved "teaching" ours how to use the rabbit bottle.
well went home for lunch had two more died. A polish and a bantam cohcins.
They were all getting too hot so I moved the heat lamp to one side instead of in the middle.
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