10- b/b/spl- showgirl eggs $35 shipped (PA) also frizzled cochin


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Jul 18, 2007
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i have mixed color showgirl eggs for $20 shipped if anyone wants them. u will get 8 eggs. the roos r showgirls- white, red and blue- partridge and partridge. the hens r- red, partridge, buff silkies. -SOLD

or i have 10- b/b/spl showgirl eggs for $35 shipped.

can ship tomarrow and pics of my flock can be seen on my website. my paypal addy is [email protected] , post sold below if u want them.
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got it, thank you.
will send a reply to ur note in a few.
the mixed color showgirls r sold and the white showgirls i had r sold and buff silkies.

i still have available-

10- b/b/splash showgirls-$35 shipped
12+ bantam b/b/spl frizzled cochins- $25 shipped- SOLD

showgirls i will have more of and silkies but some of my breeds/colors i'm selling out of soon over the next few days to 2 weeks so certain flocks like the cochins r going to make room. i can't promise how long i can do them for or the mixed showgirl pen. so it depends on what breed/color u r wanting.
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