10 barred rock hens


7 Years
Jul 21, 2012
I have 10 barred rock hens, got them as a few day old chicks in march 2012 (paid up to get all pullets). Since we got these incredibly beautiful and pretty friendly biids (though April 25, 2013), we have gotten about 112 dozen eggs. The only folks living on our farm are my wife and myself, but we provide eggs to about five neighbors (gratis, of course) and several of my wife's horse-riding friends as well).

I feed the chickens daily with Purina Layeena in the morning, and in the afternoon I give the chickens "treats" (varies; during the non-gardening season mostly "cheap" white bread pieces and chickweed plus some vegetable scraps from dinners), but during the growing season they also get "critter damaged" tomatoes, lettuce, "residual" squash, some corn, sugar snap peas, etc.)

In the afternoon and also give them fresh water; we use a one gallon water "feeder." During most of the year I only have to change their water once a day (we have two water feeders), but during July and August, when it is hot, I usuallly change their water twice a day.

They have been incredible layers!
I echo your praise of the barred rocks. Very good layers. I have never been disappointed by a hen yet. Just picked up two day-olds last weekend.
If you ever get the hankerin for growing your own chicken dinner, straight run roos at 16-18 weeks are the best dinners ever. You won't be disappointed in them either.

Wish you the best.

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