10 day old chick lethargic and won't stand up...any ideas?

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  1. firefytrdan

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    Mar 23, 2011
    My wife noticed the EE chick laying near the water feeder not moving. She picked her up but she would stand or walk. After a few minutes she was put down and appeared to be ok. A little later, she noticed the other chicks picking at her and she was laying in another spot. She was immediately separated but soon started whining to go back with the others. She is now acting more "normal", she has eaten and is walking around and now sleeping with the other. My kids can be a little rough with the new chicks and I'm thinking that she might be injured. Otherwise I don't know

    Any ideas???? thanks!
  2. MTopPA_18707

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    It's true - kids can be rough.
    [ I have 3 kids myself.]
    My chicks are only 2 weeks old - but they only get held when I am there.

    Anyway, if possible make a small corral inside your brooder to put this chick in.
    If it's made of wire, it will be able to see, hear, smell the other chicks.
    Then after it stabilizes, maybe you could put one more chick in with it.
    That way it won't feel so lonely.

    This 2nd chick should be the lowest on the pecking order so that, hopefully, it won't peck the other bird.

  3. Miss Lydia

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    very good suggestions, and please watch the children when around the chicks, I know kids don't mean to be rough but they have to learn to be gentle. All the best.

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