10+ Standard Bred Barred Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs NPIP

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    10+ Standard Bred Barred Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs NPIP

    The Barred Rock is the quintessential American breed. It has endured across time due to its dual purpose qualities and rugged nature.

    While not the most exotic or trendy, these are tried and true birds that are beautiful and productive.These birds are good layers and provide a meaty carcass not seen on your typical hatchery bred Barred Rock.

    These particular birds are a combination of Duckworth and Good Shepherd bloodlines. Their temperament is as pleasing as their appearance. The roosters can be trusted around children and the hens are docile and even keeled. I have tried numerous breeds and nothing has satisfied me as much as these fine birds. This is my second year with these birds and while not perfect I continue to strive towards improving them.

    The eggs are placed on a turner after being collected and are stored in a dark and cool environment. Each egg will come individually wrapped in bubble wrap and will be double boxed. I will try to send extras to cover any potentially damaged eggs. Please pay immediately or it may delay your shipment.

    Will only ship to lower 48 states - sorry. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to numerous variables involved with shipping and hatching eggs.

    Allow 12-24 hours for your eggs to settle before placing them in an incubator.

    Please contact me directly before leaving negative feedback. Please leave feedback based on the condition of the eggs you received and not your hatch rate.

    Shipping is $18
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    Feb 23, 2013

    Can I get 10 eggs around end of March to put under my Dorking hens - they should be broody by then.

    Thank you Fran Herrin

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