10 week old Rhode Island Red, hen or rooster?


9 Years
Aug 30, 2013
I have no idea why the images are not appearing right way up. Tried from both photobucket and postimage but they keep appearing sideways or upside down, and I can't insert images into post using the "insert image" icon, it just crashes when I try to do that.
It's looking like a roo.
The tail feathers are stuck up

This is one of my RIR pullets, notice how the tail is more downward and long, I'm not seeing that in you chicken.
Sounds good so far, I do want this one to be a rooster for breeding. Any other opinions?
I'll update the thread with a few more photos in a week or two. And once it's a confirmed rooster(hopefully), I'll let you all know. I'm feeling quite confident now that it's a roo.
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Well, here it is just over 2 weeks later. Wattles have developed a fair bit and am I right in thinking that those a saddle feathers beginning to clearly show? BUt isn't it a little on the small side for a 12/13 week old RIR roo?

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