10 week old Roo with Goopy Eye


Apr 7, 2021
Sturgis, Michigan, USA
My Roo came to me this morning with a pretty goopy and dirty eye. I believe that's all dirt. Could it just be irritation? Only that eye is like that.

Any suggestions on how to flush it out if he just has dirt in his eye? Any advice is appreciated! Also, he was blinking mid photo, he is able to open his eyes all the way.


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Looks like some scabs too, but hard to tell.

Flush with saline, remove the crusts, then apply an eye ointment like Terramcyin into the eye. If you don't have that, you can put original Neosporin in the eye.
Repeat 1-2 times a day, but do keep watch on the eye to see if the bubbles continue and/or if he start showing symptoms like lethargy, sneezing, mucous from the nostrils, etc.

While you have him up, check him over well for lice/mites.

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