100% Hatch after clear eggs removed.


14 Years
Dec 24, 2008
Ocala, Florida
I have a homemade incubator that I have been using for a few years now. My most recent hatch included a dozen brown eggs from possible mixed birds, a dozen EE eggs, and 4 RIR eggs that I put in for a friend after her flock was killed by a bobcat. Unfortunately only four of the EE eggs showed any type of development and a few of the brown eggs were also clear, but of the rest of the eggs I ended with 18 hatched. Every egg that showed development hatched. So can I count this as a 100% hatch rate?
I hope so 'cause I am
Congrats Padcock!
I too am curious as to the proper hatch rate reporting etiquette. I set 31, tossed 15 as clears, and hatched 15 of the remaining 16. So my rate is either 15/16 (94%) or 15/31 (48%)
I sure do like the sound of 94% better!
I think you can only count ones that were truly fertile, so that would give you 100% right..... great job!!
my hatch rate is pretty good as well right now i got 11 serama eggs 12 w/f black spanish 6 polish and 5 dominiques
is that how you get the hatch rate...? i thought my last hatch rate was 10%... so... if i take out the fertile eggs out of the math... i'll have a 57% hatch rate...
still horrible, but better than 10%...
Yeah, I don't count the ones that don't develop either. If they were truly infertile, there's nothing you could have done that would have made them hatch out, so how can you count them? Only way you should count them is if you KNOW they were fertile, and you also know that something you did early on caused every single one of them not to develop. Say something like 120 degrees temp for the first two days...

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