11 Weeks Old, Did I Select All Hens???


Jul 2, 2016
Mobile, AL
Here are pictures of my 11 week old chickens. I thinned the flock back on July 2nd, got rid of all the birds I was 90% sure were roosters and one that was obviously having some developmental issues.
I am hoping all 5 I kept were hens. I am pretty sure on 2 of the white/black ones and the one black 1. Undecided on other 2.
BTW< the eggs my broody Little Hen set came out of flock with a Light Brahma rooster, hens were Ameracauna and Silver Leghorns.

Here's the pics, let me know how you think I did!

I think this is a hen:

Think the front one & black one are hens:

Think two center foreground are hens, undecided on rear right & left.
What cute mixes

No one's looking male at this point. The Brahma father could throw some slow to mature males, but I'm not seeing anyone worrisome right off.
If they are all 5 hens, I will have a tough decision to make, can only keep 3 of them. The black one for sure, then probably the ones with the puffiest cheeks which I am sure had Ameracauna moms.
You shouldn't get white. The Brahma father is a brown egger, and brown x white = light brown.
If the "Ameraucana" were pure bred, or even EE that laid blue eggs, the pullets will lay green eggs.
If the "Ameraucana" were EE that laid green eggs, the pullets have a 50/50 chance of laying green or brown eggs.

Since the father has a pea comb, you can't necessarily go by comb style. If you're wanting colored eggs, look for the puffy cheeks and heftier bodies, those should be from the Ameraucana/EE, not the Leghorn. And, pure Ameraucana should have white skin, which is dominant, so any with white skin should be your possibly colored layers.
Found this online, which follows your input, that I should get light brown or green eggs (bottom two are my situation with white & blue egg hens & brown egg rooster, top line does not apply):

But I also had some green eggs in the clutch, which would be this:

Any thoughts on color? I'm thinking still green?

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