12+ B/B/S mostly-English Orps - TEST HATCH

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    I must admit, I'm a sucker for fluffy, blue chickens - and these part-English orps are a huge favorite of mine. Now, they're part-English for a reason - I need my chickens to be at least somewhat practical, so I have *some* American orp blood in the flock so that the birds are a *bit* lighter bodied, and therefore don't have as many issues with fertility and laying rates as their full-English counterparts. In actuality, the birds range from 50% to 100% English, with the gentleman being 75% (blue) and 100% (black) - so you will get very-English chicks at not-very-English chick prices. Perfect for fellow backyard hobbyists who want BEAUTIFUL birds that are also inherently practical.

    In this sale, you will get 12+ fertile hatching eggs, carefully packaged and shipped via USPS. My feedback speaks to my ability to wrap eggs so that they arrive safely intact. However, as with all sales of shipped hatching eggs, I *cannot* guarantee your hatch rate! Factors such as temperature extremes, rough handling and x-raying the package can significantly impact your potential hatch rate - before the eggs are even delivered! If you want a guaranteed number of chicks, I recommend that you consider purchasing chicks directly.

    This first shipment is a test hatch - a chance for you to get bargain-bottom pricing on eggs, in return for letting me know how they arrive and how they develop/hatch. Shipping is $14 - for a total of $26. These will ship on Monday, 2/24. These eggs will go for $48/dozen in March - here's your chance to get a great deal!

    Thank you!
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    I would love to get these am I too late? 336-512-7047 thank you Lori
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    Ill test for you :)

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