12+ Blue/Black/Splash Jersey Giant eggs

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    Auction is for 12 LF Jersey Giant eggs, plus extras.

    I will bubble wrap (I have found no real evidence that this lowers hatch rates) each egg and place them inside an egg carton and securely wrap carton in a Priority Mailing box, to allow for no movement inside the box. *****Will ship to lower 48 states only***** I cannot guarantee hatch rates, due to shipping, incubating methods, etc, but fertility here is great!

    Shipping will be $15.00. Payment by PayPal to [email protected] is due immediately following the end of the auction, so that eggs can be mailed ASAP. If eggs arrive broken I will replace broken ones only if you pay shipping. I am sending enough extras to account for some getting broken, but I haven't had anyone receive a single broken one from me yet.

    I have a Splash roo, a Blue Roo, 3 Blue hens...all bought as juvies from Bobbi Porto last May. I also have 2 Black hens that were hatched from eggs from chickenzoo (here on BYC) last Spring. She has informed me that most of her birds are from Bobbi Porto also and a couple hens are from a breeder in Ocala.

    Pics were all taken when they were about 9 months old, they are a little fuller now. My roos are now bigger than my 11 month old Blue Slate Tom lol.
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