12+ Delaware Hatching Eggs from Braden line


11 Years
Oct 23, 2008
High Springs, FL
I have eggs available from Delawares of the Bill Braden line. The hens are great layers and will go broody. The roos are very well mannered and have never attacked me or my daughter. I am getting 100% fertility, and excellent hatch rate from my still air Hovabator.

The cost is $15 for 12+ eggs, and $15 for shipping, shipped out via Priority Mail on Monday or Tuesday. If you are close to Florida, I can probably ship out on a Wednesday and still be assured to get there before the weekend. I individually wrap the eggs in bubble wrap, and usually double box them. I have 9 hens laying now, so the eggs should be no more than 2 days old at most when shipped. PM me if you are interested or have any questions. I take Paypal at [email protected]

I am getting 8 eggs a day, so I can do up to 24 eggs for $50 (includes shipping) as long as I don't have a second order for that week.

This is Boy, son of the late Tarzan:

I think my feed is too corn heavy. He has yellowed a lot in the last month or so. Plus the sun in fierce in Florida.



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