12 hour old chick hurt

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    My hen killed 3 of her chicks and o rescued one today that she and another hen were tossing around the coop. It's barely moving but is alive and peeping. One leg is splayed back and I'm not sure if it's broken. I don't want it to suffer needlessly. Here is a pic of it. [​IMG]
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    May 18, 2016
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    Chicks are pretty good with recovery, don't put it out of its misery if that's what you're thinking. Hand feed/water it and see how it does. It may need a splint on that leg.
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    If you have any poultry vitamins/electrolytes offer some in her water, if you don't have those you can give her a little sugar water. Since she is so young you may need to dip her beak in the water so she knows what it is. Crumbles are sometimes hard to eat at that age (she may not eat if she's only 12hrs old) you can wet a little chick starter to make a paste so it's easier to eat.

    Once she is a little perkier gently see if the leg is broken or out of joint, etc.
    The quicker you can fix it the better.

    Here's some info on leg problems:

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