12 hours, pipped but no zip

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  1. 2 eggs have pipped but still has not zipped and it been more then 12 hours now. One looks like a beak is sticking out of the hole but no movements or anything. Did these two eggs quit?
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    Probably not, they are just getting use to breathing. It can take over 24 hours just for them to hatch
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    Yup--don't panic until it's been well over 24 hours. Pipping is hard work. They like to rest and absorb the rest of their yolk before the hard work of zipping & popping.

    If you like, you can "cheep" at them a little and it will sometimes cause them to move a little (especially if you can see the beak). That might set your mind at ease but by the same token, don't panic if they *don't* move when you cheep. They're tired!
  4. Most do not realize that the process of hatching is a complicated and tiring one.

    The chick has orientated itself to the air sac and punched a hole throuhg it. The chick has called it's mama that it is ready to be put in front (peeps) so it will no sufficate once the pip is done.

    The chick has then pushed through the membrand and has pecked a hole for a pip.

    The chick is very tired and still very much absorbing it's yolk sac.

    It is not uncommon to see a chick rest at this point. It is breathing air from the outside world, so it is good.

    Just make real sure that the membrane is open and the chick has access to the outside air.

    Zipping will occure rather quickly once the chick is ready to go.
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    be patient.

    hope they'll make it, all mine hatch 3 hours after pipped, except POD. [​IMG] so keep waiting and see any chance to help if they can't make it through.
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    I'm at the same place right now. This is my 1st hatch so I am trying really hard to be patient. I had 2 pips when I came home last night so it's been more than 16 hours now. Now I am up to 4 pips and the 3rd one to start is zipping. [​IMG]
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    they will be fine. dont open the bator, but look all you want. its a lot of fun watching. and as you will find out, incubating is very addictive. my first bator ran stop for 8 months. its hatching fever. good luck........
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    You know, I always sit on my hands and do nothing (but I really want to.) Then if one dies I kick myself in the behind about not helping it. It is so hard to make that decision. Sometimes I am just so confused. I guess I should just remember to leave it alone no matter what, and whatever happens it was nature.


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