12 out of 26 dead post office to blame

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    Apr 1, 2009
    last thursday the post office really screwed up and never called me to let me know that my order from Meyer had came in. instead the sub carrier put them in his mail truck and carried with him while he did his route, he usually doesn't get to my neighborhood untill after 3 o'clock.remind you this is jacksonville fla and the temp was at least 95 that day. i had to go to home depot to get the last of the wood i needed to finish the extra coop for the meaties i ordered, when i got home and checked the mail and there was the note from the P.O. that my order of chicks was with him. that was at 4:15pm. I rushed to the post office .when i got there the manager said that the order was never put in the delivery truck an that they were sitting in the back churping away,after about 5 minutes she comes back up front and informs me that they did go out with the carrier. I told her that they should have never been put on the delivery truck because of the heat and asked why didn't they call me in the morning so i could of picked them up. she tried to tell me that it was a "courtesy call" and they didn't have to call me at all and that it was up to the carrier to do this. then she told me to go on home and the carrier would make a second trip as soon as they get a hold of him. i was starting to get mad and told her i should call animal code enforcement and file cruelty charges aginst them for putting the chicks in this heat. she said it wont do me any good as it "is a courtesy call". i still refused to leave until i got what i came for. about 15 minutes later the mail carrier showed up with the my order. i opened the box immediately while still in front of them, some how all 26 was still alive but as the cool air from the P.O. reached them they all collapsed and stopped churping. they were in real bad shape. i told them this is not the last you will hear about this. i rushed back home with them and got them set up in my chicken room and tried to get them to start drinking some water/gatoraid as that was all i had at the moment. i knew that no matter what i do that the damage had already been done and all i could do was hope for the best. by time i got up on friday 4 of them had died.i then called the 1-800 for the P.O. and filed a complaint about what was happening. by time they returned my phone call on saturday, i had lost another 7. and shortly after the call 1 more had died. I them called Meyer Hatchery and told them everything that happened and because it happened within the first 48 hours the loss is covered by them. Meyer's also told me that the "phone call" is not a "courtesy" it is mandatory because the chicks lives depend on it, and thats why it is set up the way it is.
    well tomorrow morning I am going to call animal code enforcement and file a complaint of 12 counts of animal cruilty against the mail carrier. all my other chick orders have worked out fine. but this is one i can't let go. i also plan on getting ahold of one of the local news stations to air my anger. Here in Florida you can't even leave a dog or cat in your car for 5 minutes, let alone carry them around for 8-9 hours.
    on the bright side i do have 14 healthy meaties to keep me going, and next month i get to have the replacement order instead of waiting until november for my last order of the year.
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    let us know what happens
  3. Arcnadius

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    Aug 1, 2010
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    I would be angry, frustrated, and sad that animals had to suffer because of human stupidity. I feel your pain and hope the next batch arrives in much better shape.
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    Sep 28, 2008
    I swear the PO's some of em have a "God complex" [​IMG] so sorry.
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    Jul 10, 2010
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    I agree post offices suck.at least mine and yours does. I july I ordered 10 chicks from Ideal It had been really hot everywhere and I was apprehensive about doing it but everything I had read figured it would be ok. on the 3rd day the post office called. I had already called them twice to let them know I had some coming and then to see if they were here yet. Well when the guy called he said to hurry as he thought some were dead. Got there 9 was dead only 1 alive. Our main post office is in Springfield I live in Decatur which is about 40 miles away. When they ship from Sprindfield they are in a semi truck with no a/c. so my little girls baked to death. the other died after 3 days. Then I ordered hatching eggs from fellow BYC member. She wrapped them very carefully had fragile and live embryos and box. 3 eggs were broken in transport and one must have had a hairline crack I didnt see cracked open at day 3 one I am not sure if anything going on and 1 has movement. I really think most post office dont care and just sling boxes. I was also told about the chicks that they may have been tilted in the box and suffocated, Told that by a postal worker I talked to in the warehouse in Springfield.
  6. SassyKat6181

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    Aug 30, 2010
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    oh man! I have chicks shipping out to me on Wed. I have read a lot of shipping mishaps on here the last few days. I hope my new babies will be alright. This is my first time and I don't know if I could handle a box of dead chicks. Boo! I am sorry about what happened.
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    WOW, thats horrible! My PO is very good about calling so I guess I'm lucky.They told me that they are REQUIRED to call, so your PO needs to be straightened out.

    I haven't shipped any birds yet but I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on it.
    I know to check temps in both locations, but what about time frame? Should you take them to the PO early or wait until later in the day?
    Whats the BEST fruit to include when shipping?

    I did have one pair that was shipped to me get LOST for half a day (shiver) and that was scary.

  8. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
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    I never had big issues with the PO on the chicks, every time I get the chicks they have done well.

    As for fruits, sliced apples are the best. So are grapes. Sometimes they would even add oranges. I do remember Ideal hatchery put a couple of slices of apples in the package. It was half eaten when it got here.

    PO should call you or have the mail carrier that handles perishables or individual deliveries if you dont have any means of transportation. The lady that drives the van was so friendly and she coos at the chicks LOL!
  9. chrisbc33

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Gloucester, Va
    Thanks for the advice.

    One of my friends ordered chicks from a hatchery this spring and ALL of them died. Some of them were dead when she picked them up. She said their beaks were crusted with crumble.
    The post office in her instance was helpful and documented the state of the birds.
    Common sense would tell me that you can't feed crumble without some sort of water supply right?
    I know she did get a replacement batch, but STILL!!!!

    Has anyone every included a small frozen water cup in the box? I know it wouldn't last very long but it might give the birds another opportunity to get a drink along the way.

  10. chickenzoo

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    Man, that is horrible. luckily my PO is pretty good about calling me and will hold them at the PO... although I have been asked if I wanted them delivered?????????

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