12 week old EE Hen or Roo?


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Aug 6, 2014
My old thread is buried so posting a new one. :)
12 1/2 weeks old. Can you tell the gender?

Thanks! That is the direction I was leaning. I can't find any sickle feathers either. The bright colors were throwing me for awhile. Fingers crossed.
I thought red splotches on the wings and shoulders were telltale signs? Any posture pics?
Dark red splotches that arent usually part of the overall pattern are rooster sign.
X2 on that, and looking at it in the blowup, I think I might be seeing the beginning of a rooster's emerging sickle feathers (my old eyes aren't what they used to be however). I hope for your sake I'm wrong, but I'm thinking you likely have an Easter Egger rooster.
Fshinggrl, you're not the first one. Its a beautiful bird, and pullets, although pretty, are never beautiful.

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