13 Week Old Chicken Labored Breathing


Apr 30, 2016
Crooked Creek, Alberta, Canada
Yesterday my 13 week old Colombian Rock chicken's breathing became labored. We usually free range our chickens under supervision every day because our run isn't finished yet. Is she choking on grass? We've had a few chickens do this kind of thing but they usually stop in a few days. However, that being said, this is worse. She is eating and not overly lethargic. What could be wrong with her?

Here is a video of the behavior. Sorry my finger is it.

Edit: Oh poor thing. She acting much more lathargic now.
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Yes I was able to see the video. Here is my Rooster. He seems more labored then your hen and is gurgling :(
I am in the same boat not sure if he will make it.
My friend just messaged me and told me to boil an egg and mix the crumbled egg with honey and water and syringe it to him. I am sire it can't hurt!!
GraceHomestead - that sounds to me like some type of respiratory issue ... I would suggest starting him in an antibiotic in the morning ... Possibly giving him electrolytes as well
I have two hens right now that are making the same noise but not as bad and I haven't put them on anything because they aren't showing any other worrisome symptoms but I have been watching them daily

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