14 wk pullet laying?


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Apr 29, 2011
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Yesterday I was surprised when I went into my coop and found my two Langshan hens' normal eggs laying there next to one little egg. I'm 99% sure it was from one of my new pullets, however, they are all still very young. I have about 22 pullets that arrived at my house on Feb 21st as 2-day olds. I'm hoping someone could help me figure out who could have laid it. Like I said, I'm really sure it wasn't one of my older hens because neither of them has molted or brooded, and they have very regular egg sizes and schedules. Their eggs are both different too so I know who laid which egg just by looking.

The egg is the size of a bantam egg, and is brown with dark brown freckles.
They are all standard breeds. I have silver gray leghorns, modern BB Red games, cochins, langshan, dominique, dark brahma, white laced red cornish, EE. It's hard to tell which is the reddest in the face because they all free-range during the day around the house. I'm thinking it may be a dominique. Thoughts?
Sounds like a pullet egg. Early layers are not unusual. There is an increased risk of future laying issues with early layers, but that is a worry for a later date. They will lay when they are ready and there is little we can do to stop it.

Enjoy that new egg!

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