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Nov 17, 2015
Roma, Texas
So I just got back from feeding a friends flock since he is out of town for the weekend and went outside to close my coops door and noticed that a lot of my birds were missing. I grabbed the spotlight and didn't take long forms to see the massacre I had in my yard, 15 all together.

5 silkies 1 mature layer and four 5 months old
1 broody Serama which I just found today after 3 days missing.
9 red broiler 2 months old

I read a lot of people have problems with Hawks, raccoons, possums, Bobcats, etc. up north but here in southtexas my main problem is stray dogs and cats!!! I live in a subdivision out in the country and were allowed having livestock as much as we want but what's the idea of having your flock when there's more than a dozen stray dogs without counting cats running loose in our sub. The county doesn't do sht regarding this matter call animal control they say. The closest animal control office is in McAllen Tx a good 1.5 hr drive and different county!!! They won't come..... Period. Can't shoot them either, you'll get fined for discharging a firearm in a "residential area" they say. What's it gonna take for our county to start taking care of this issues? A rabid dog attacking children at the schoolbus stop? **** Politicians kissing behinds when voting comes along and then don't have time for "small"!issues like this. But don't dump trash!!!! Or Burn Trash!!! What about don't dump unwanted dogs or cats in our subdivision!!!!!!

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Aug 26, 2009
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Are you allowed to use electrified fencing around the perimeter of your coop and run? It won't take much to persuade dogs not to come back. Cats do their share of killing but, generally of chicks or small birds. Dogs usually enjoy the sport of chasing and killing and don't bother to eat them. I agree that you need a very strong fence, also it's good to have 1/2" hardware cloth securely affixed to frame to replace any poultry wire. Good latches on your gates and doors that are difficult for animals to bypass. A couple livestock protection dogs would be a great finishing touch. A strong run cover can provide shelter from some weather and also prevent attacks by climbers or raptors.

If is possible to catch/live trap some of these dogs, so they can be carted off to the pound? If the owners want them back, they have to pay to do so.


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Aug 16, 2007
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OMG I'm so sorry...that's devastating and painful, I know.

You will definitely need to have electric fencing if you have that many stray dogs. I had to stop free ranging my own...and keep them locked up safe all the time even when I'm home until I am able to put up some electric fence.


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Apr 6, 2014
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Here is my vote.. 3rd in favor of electric fencing. along with drumstick diva and haley3.. A pellet gun will not solve dog problem. It will only injure an animal that has only instincts and no malicious intent. Seen enough cruelty in the war. Cavemanrich does not hurt or kill anything. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

ALSO CONSIDER STRONGLY drumstick divas suggestion .. it may be your best solution.
If is possible to catch/live trap some of these dogs, so they can be carted off to the pound? If the owners want them back, they have to pay to do so


Aug 25, 2015
People dump unwanted dogs and cats in the country all the time. It has been a problem. The most practical thing to do may seem heartless, which is putting them down. A high powered .22 pellet gun can do it if you can get a good shot, they make them with more than enough power these days. Putting up a good fence and secure housing is a good thing to do, but you should not feel thay you ate at the mercy of strays or unwatched pets. Yes, prevention helps but that should not trump your right to use your property. Do not buy into the notion that chickens do not deserve the same protection as 4 legged stock. People with horses, cows, goats etc have to deal with said dogs as well, and it is not reasonable to expect them to make dog proof fences. Deal with the strays as you can, if you trap them do not carry them off to be someone elses problem, either take to pound, kill them, or get to owner.


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Jun 23, 2013
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So very sorry for your loss. Fencing & a secure screened/fenced run. My yard's fenced & Hubby just completed building me an enclosed run (8x12). My Pets with Benefits (2RIRs & 2EEs) sleep in a "coop" in my patio, they follow me out to the run in the mornings & the only time they grub in the yard is when I'm home. Living in Hilo, HI we don't have as many predators as in the Mainland but roaming dogs/cats, hawks, owls & mongoose can be a problem.

drumstick diva & cavemanrich are on the right track but sksquirrel & dmanhefner remedy sends a message & helps the healing. Good luck & again so very sorry for your loss.

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