15wk old will be laying soon?


Mar 23, 2022
South East USA
The wyandottes are 15 weeks old. One of them has her red comb and wattles. Last few days she has squatted when I walked by. Does this mean she will be laying soon? Or possible we still have many weeks left?
I want to keep an eye out in case the older hens don't let her in the nest box. (I have fake/ceramic eggs ready to go).


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I know, ...believe me I do know. And when you see a sign...well what about now? With years of experience, I find it is a good solid month after you see the signs. Post back and tell us how long it was.

The longest period ever in chicken raising is the 21 days until the chicks hatch. But the second longest period is the 5+/ months until they lay.

Mrs K

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