18+ Purebred Silkie Hatching Eggs


8 Years
Apr 9, 2015
Hudson Valley, NY
I have purebred silkie hatching eggs, I can ship out today and/or tomorrow (10/11 & 10/12).

12 plus extra=$32 (shipping additional)

18 plus extra=$47 (shipping additional)

Colors included in my pen are white, black and paint (most white and blacks are split to paint). I check fertility on a regular basis and thus far it has been 100%. I hatch white, black and paint chicks with the occasional partridge. I have 1 young cockerel that is non-bearded but from
top lines (so he stays for now :) ). I pack with EXTRA care & time to ensure the eggs arrive in excellent condition but I can not control what happens once they are handed over to the USPS. Shipping is an additional $13.45. I will include as many extras as I can. I hate to see fresh eggs go to waste and my incubator is already running. Please pm me with any further questions. Thank you.
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I'm not sure if the message I sent previously went through! I do a lot more stalking posts than I do posting
. I'm interested in the paint silkie eggs that you had posted last month. Your birds are beautiful! I'm in Massachusetts. 02779. My email address is [email protected] please let me know if you got my # from the previous pm? Thank you in advance and I am so looking forward to hearing from you!!~ nikki
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Just want to let you know that the eggs I received were packaged better than ANY I've bought. They are on day 10 and I've got 20 that are doing wonderfully! One quitter and one that I killed because I thought it wasn't developing
but it was perfect and I'm devastated over it. Fingers crossed for lots of paints
. I am thrilled with what I have.
I'm interested in a batch of eggs. Let me know when you might have another batch of 18-24 ready to go. I'll be getting my big incubator setup over the weekend.

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