2 roosters?


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
some corn field in central il.
i just ordered my chicks !!!! i got a dorking rooster, and they (mcmurray) give you a free chick with your order, which they said 95% of the time is a male. i'll have 25 hens and probably 2 roosters. is having 2 cocks gonna be a problem? just curious.
Well for the amount of hens you are going to hopefully have 2 roosters is a good number to have if you want to have fertile eggs. Most of the time when 2 roosters are raised together they usually figure our who is the 'alpha' and the other will take 2nd fiddle. However it is hard to introduce a new rooster to the flock after the 1st roo has been there. Hopefully, it will all work out. But from my experience it should be ok. Now guaranteed you will have some squabbles but hope it wont be to bad. Now it also depends on the breeds of roosters. I believe the Dorking is a very dominant rooster, very beautiful but usually the alpha.

Maybe the other will be a follower and not a leader so to speak.

Hope this helps you and best of luck with your new babies to come soon.

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