20 week old Wyandot X Brahma roo - NE Ohio

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  1. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i purchased a Brahma X GLW mix 'baby girl' back in June. 'SHE' has turned out to be a 'HE'. I am not able to have a second roo with my 8 hens. He is a big lurpy sweetheart of a boy. He wants to be held at night and cuddled (seriously, he does). He sits on my shoulder once in awhile. Eats great, friendly, and all around good boy.

    I have to find him a good home. NO soup pots for him. I am totally beside myself and just so bummed. My big guy 'Bird rooster has just started to dislike him the last few days. I can see it coming and I can not let them fight.

    I am willing to travel with him if the home is good for him. I love him soooo much and need to do the right thing. He is just goregous. His feathering is one of a kind. Heck he is one of a kind.

    Meet Amaretto the good boy....


  2. [​IMG]

    I am picking up two new hens on Sunday the 19th, I would be willing to let them go with him if that's what it took.
  3. This morning he crowed- or tried to - for the first time. my rooster 'Bird chased him around the pen. He HAS to go. I am so heartbroken. Please help Amaretto
  4. He has found his new home with another BYC member and is happy as a lark!!!!! thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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