$200 chicken?


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Alright, time for another lesson... They are Oriental gamefowl, not "fighting chickens". That may have been in their past, but it is not in their future due to laws here in the United States. Stereotyping the fowl gives all of us trying to preserve these beautiful breeds stereotypes as well, ones that are not deserved. The reason for the price? Well, these breeds are very seasonal layers. I am lucky to get 2 dozen eggs out of an asil hen in a year. Pure stock in these breeds are also hard to come by. Imports have been stopped due to the dreaded "bird flu" scare, so what lines are here are all that there are to work with. Trust me, if you get a chance to raise some actual, pure bred Oriental Gamefowl, you will understand the love many breeders have for these unique birds...

"fighting" discussions are not permitted on BYC, however I will leave this post as it is educational and informative.
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Lot of gamefowl no longer have that game, and are now bred for shows and their looks.

Cant get a better rooster, to protect a flock of hens.

I lost mine to a dog thats was after his hens.

2. No PETA or Cock fighting posts, period!
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Wow, this thread is on fire. The ad describes them as "asil" I didn't actually know that "asil" was the name of the breed. I was so thrown off by the price I thought I'd share. (one of my hobbies is finding stuf on the internet and showing it to people
) I just googled some pics and these cocks are gorgeous.
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Well, I call my silkies fluffy, so that's okay by me
But I too find the reference you mention as offensive, and it is against this list's rules.

Gamefowl are common exhibition birds, and can present a striking appearance in the showroom. I have been told that they are amongst the best of mothers and broody hens. I personally don;t care for the look of asil, but there are other gamefowl breeds that I find beautiful.

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