2012 Louisiana chickenstocks, shows, and meet-ups

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Jul 14, 2009
Elton, Louisiana
I am new to south west Louisiana and am looking for some poultry events in the area. I was wondering if anyone could provide information on any events in the area or was interested in putting something together.

Maddi Williams
ive been looking and looking for something close but havent found a thing...would love to have one in deridder, i live about 40-50 mins away from there in leesville
i would like to do a swap and show at the same time just dont know were to start to began that now were it could be. here in leesville it could possably be held at our fair grounds either inside or outside all that would depend on cost though. would have to do some fund raisers or find others interrested in this as well in and around the area
Sorry i am still trying to figure out how to work this site!

I was excited to see your post though!! I would LOVE to do something!!! I live in Elton, but am willing to travel for any bird excitement, or to get something started.
I think DeRidder would be nice, but it would have to be a place where there is plenty of shade and access to water. It's too hot for the birds to do it in a TSC parking lot like most the others I've been to!
I agree 100% I am the newbie to Louisiana though, so don't know that coming up with ideas on a place would be the right job for me! lol

I am going over to DeRidder Friday or Saturday to check out the Junior livestock show that's there this weekend. I want to try and meet some people involved with that, Chris's youngest boy wants to raise something to show.

Ohhh BTW every time the kids come over the first question they ask is, "Are the geese still nice?!?!" Then they run out to say hi to them. It cracks me up, Purple and Baby are by far my favorite additions so far!
deridder would be fine with me since i live in leesville but i dont know the area that well to suggest places lol, leesville is more of my area and i think the fair grounds here would be great for a show/meet/swap as they have buildings and a nice shaded area outdoors and water facets around to provide water for the chickens and any other live stock such as rabbits pigs and sheep. oh i hope more people will chime in and help and bring ideas to the table. we wouldnt have to do it for another 3-4 months or when ever we get enough to help organize and run the event with us. i do recommend after we have enough to help out that it gets hosted in 2 months from then that way word gets around and everyone can free up that day or 2, amount of days depends on what all is planned :)

some ideas:

1) meet and great
2) have door prizes
3) try and have some educators around
4) kid friendly games and maybe some volunteers to set up a play area that way parents can have some free time setting up and/or looking at the animals with little hassle from their babies (i have a 1, 4, and 5 year old and its hard to get anything done or talk when they keep talking and asking questions lol dont mind answering but do need time to talk about the animal/item without 21 questions gotta love the kiddos though
always wanting to learn
5) have an action on the animals/items

ummmm im sure i can think of many more after a while or get ideas from others who have done this before
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i am in carlyss louisiana and there is a sale every friday at the sale barn in dequincy starts at 6 or 7 but they have a junk sale right before it. but i would love to get together and do something.. i will add yall so i can follow and keep up with this post
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