2018- best chicken nipples for watering.


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Mar 18, 2018
Howdy Chicken Folk. I am planning to set up nipples for my future chickens. Will plan to use a 5 gallon bucket for outside.
Will also need a water source in coop. would nipples attached to a smaller container work for that?
What is the best nipple to buy? Links to web sites much appreciated!

Do people use a hole dozer to drill into buckets?
Is it better to have the nipples attached to bottom of bucket or sides?
Sides. Horizontal nipples, 100%. They don't freeze anywhere near as easily, and dont drip. And you dont need to worry about hanging/suspending the bucket since the nipples are on the side. I used a drill bit that was appropriate for the nipples I bought. They almost always have a tapered back, so the hole does not need to be a perfect size, but does need to be close. It is more about getting a clean hole that does not have any rough edges that might leak. There are a lot of Ebay and Amazon sellers who all sell basically the same exact product. Just look for horizontal poultry nipples. Here is a photo of mine in action. I drilled them in at various heights, but could have just picked one height. They dont really care about bending over or reaching up. I did make sure to do a leak test on them before I put them in the coop. I found that 1 or 2 leaked, so I replaced them and all was good. So buy more nipples then you think you might actually need.

Yeah. Like everything else, there are going to be knockoffs of the "original". Who knows what the original is at this point. They are all most likely made at the same exact factory in China on the same exact production line. You will notice there are tons of "brands" that are all exactly the same. So my suggestion is to either go with the cheapest knowing you might have a few that leak, or go with more expensive ones that look exactly the same but might have a little higher quality. The ones you posted seem about average for cost. I think I paid a little more than that for mine.
Maybe I should do a search on eBay for "vintage chicken nipples?" The odd think is, that not being mammals, chickens don't actually have nipples!!!!! :lol:

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