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    Sep 25, 2007
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    I got another egg this morning,
    DH went out about 8:00 and already had an egg.
    I'm thinking with two eggs less than 24 hours apart, both the red stars are laying!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Ya have to do your math... bantams lay earlier than the standards and the standards earlier than Giants but... rule of thumb is...

    Standards lay at about 6 months. 1 month is approx. 4.6weeks. That means 4.6 x 6 = 27.6 WEEKS before they lay... give or take a WEEK. These birds cannot be rushed they need their growth time so you can have the finest eggs.

    Bantams can lay as early as 5 months or 23 weeks.

    Giants can only be later than standards because they grow slower. So we can say they will lay in about 7 months.

    So peeps we need patience lol...

    I know its hard but keep on trying to be patient.

    Of course if the expected time of arrival of eggs passes and only one is laying you might try looking around for those hidden places.

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