24 wk Buff Orp: Roo or just maturing?


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Nov 8, 2009
We have two 24 week old Buff Orps. Up until two weeks ago when we got rid of the Rock roo we accidentally got both Orps looked exactly the same. Then we went on vacation for a week, came home and there are now distinct differences in comb and waddles as well as thickness of legs and one just recently laid and egg. No one has crowed though the suspected roo makes quite a ruckus after an egg is laid. I've seen BOTH Orps sitting on the one egg I get a day. So, time to consult the BYC experts. What do you think? A roo or just a recently matured hen?

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Very nice looking birds, I'm not seeing any saddle feathers or male feathers in that first picture, orps can be really slow maturing but by 24 weeks you'd think there would be something. They both look like pol pullets to me, are you sure it is actually the other one laying the eggs?
I have two buff's and one has larger waddle/comb and they are darker red, but both are girls. Both of them make all sorts of vocals for about 5 minutes after they lay.
Thank you all so much for your advice! No sooner did I post this did I go out and find a second egg out there from my other Buff Orp-- not a rooster after all, you're all correct! Thanks :)

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